Sarah Burtons latest collection for mc queen was quite the show with a futuristic femininity look. ThIs is not a collection you could say was minimalist but the opposite it was  a lot of feathers a lot ruffles and a whole lot of TULLE. Sarah was trying to create the image of "a beautiful future" which she showed us in this collection. The collection was certainly future especially those futuristic visors and the large lighting display and the collection certainly was beautiful and feminine think a of a blossoming flower with so many layers and so much beauty. There were beautiful movement looks especially the feathered dresses in a soft pink simply floating across the catwalk. The fabulous layered tulle dresses were very beautiful The collection was quite avant garde and the least commercial i have seen of sarah burton except for the first few looks they could make cute outfits. There were three gowns which were the highlights of the collection for me first was an over the top pink ruffled gown which was the most avant garde and couture, then there was my favorite which would light up any red carpet it was a stunning dark pink that was layered and had cute silver belt and to Finnish the collection a dark look with feathers and layered tulle. This was a very couture collection and was very beautiful there may have been no great tailored power looks or casual easy to wear pieces but there was a lot of fun beauty and extravagance which is  a whole lot of fun!!!!

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