How to explain the alexander wangs latest show???? Of course it was cool,urban,street but alex wang took it to another level this fall breaking out of his boundaries!!!! The collection provided great outer wear nylon vest jackets menacing glossy coats!!! There was a lot of modern tailoring and fabric manipulation resulting in a very sleek look!!! Leather was major fabric in this collection and at times it looked like a glossy plastic fabric that just made it more cooler. thed color palette was dark black and maroon playethe main role with the super modern touches of white. some looks had the mouth covered by netted gauzes that created a threatening image in my opinion. There was a great line of leather accessories boots,bags,clutches and backpacks. This collection was a clear breakthrough for wang!!! at the end of the show after the finale we were asked to stay seated because there were seven more looks on there way displayed on models of the past like carmen kass,karolina kurkova and GISELE!!! they wore very tailored and fabulous looks gisele and carmen wore amazing coats!!!! the models looked in the mirrors(i would be looking at myself in the mirror if i looked that good!!!!) and then they walked away. i tried to think what that meant i bet there's some empowering reason but im to stupid to figure it out???????

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