Last season Anthony vaccerello was suddenly one of the most talked about new and up in coming designers showing edgy cool sleek clothes. Last season a good way to get media attention would be to have a super sexy klaire kloss at the top of her game finish your show in a super fabulous and sleek cutout black silk dress, this season an even better publicity stunt is to have the famous disappearing act klaire kloss do her first runway appearance of the season at your show and also add in very other top model(joan smalls,anja rubik etc) plus these fabulous sexy empowering clothes really makes for a successful show. The show this season focused on tailoring but also had those vaccerello sexy edges. There were lots of sleek black satin PANTS!!! and jackets all so fabulously tailored. The pants were so major he showed a diversity of them in super appealing silhouettes any women would dye for!!!!! There was a armory feel in this collection shown with protective belts and sexy almost bionic looks that are very powerful and will protect any women. The collection finish with metallic green short dresses and fabulous,glamourous golden gowns and skirts really light the runway up and added that extra pinch of glamour to this sleek and tailored collection. The final dress undoubtable stole the show(even though i don't think it was as much a major moment than the sexy klarie kloss look was last season) It was a fabulously sleek and sexy one shoulder black dress with a gold metallic almost armory wrapped around the top in a cool leather it was a sexy warrior women pretty major!!!!
2/29/2012 05:45:12 am

Klarie is super fierce!!!!


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