Dries van notens latest collection was inspired by a trip to london he took and he was influenced by a museum exhibition which he shows in his prints, he say there were all made in london print and made in paris, there was also worldly aspect to this collection there was fabulous french tailoring ancient chinese prints and utilitarian aspects in cool jackets,pants and coats. The pants were something to look at some were well tailored and skinny and the others were more interesting ballon pants which had a very industrial feel and arty feel. The colors were light and dark pretty clean whites with blue and orange tone prints then there was the darker military greens. There was great diverse pieces in this collection all with a well tailored security so any dries customer can pull them off. The furs were so major at one point i said randomly "fur fetish". So the collection was very classicaly tailored with diverse worldly prints inspired by a trip to london and also overall a diverse and well round collection of great pants,jackets,boots,coats,dresses and major FURS!!! 
Last season Anthony vaccerello was suddenly one of the most talked about new and up in coming designers showing edgy cool sleek clothes. Last season a good way to get media attention would be to have a super sexy klaire kloss at the top of her game finish your show in a super fabulous and sleek cutout black silk dress, this season an even better publicity stunt is to have the famous disappearing act klaire kloss do her first runway appearance of the season at your show and also add in very other top model(joan smalls,anja rubik etc) plus these fabulous sexy empowering clothes really makes for a successful show. The show this season focused on tailoring but also had those vaccerello sexy edges. There were lots of sleek black satin PANTS!!! and jackets all so fabulously tailored. The pants were so major he showed a diversity of them in super appealing silhouettes any women would dye for!!!!! There was a armory feel in this collection shown with protective belts and sexy almost bionic looks that are very powerful and will protect any women. The collection finish with metallic green short dresses and fabulous,glamourous golden gowns and skirts really light the runway up and added that extra pinch of glamour to this sleek and tailored collection. The final dress undoubtable stole the show(even though i don't think it was as much a major moment than the sexy klarie kloss look was last season) It was a fabulously sleek and sexy one shoulder black dress with a gold metallic almost armory wrapped around the top in a cool leather it was a sexy warrior women pretty major!!!!
Here are some fab shots from last day of mfw thanks to tommy to. ENJOY!!
Roberta Cavalli this season went full on glamour!!!!! They showed major animal prints!!!! including the big cats of africa to the exotic reptiles shown in the glamours shimmering reptile skin pieces. The collection was so flash lots of shiny glittering metallic alligator skin pieces and heavenly layer upon layer of sequence the cavalli party girl this season will be very happy! There was a great mix of long and short pants and skirTs/dresses. The pants were so major worn with ferocious fur tops of jackets really fabulous!!! The dresses were short and long there were cute short party sequence dresses and fabulous very cavalli long and flowing print maxi dresses with very intricate ruffle details! It was full on everything full on print,full on accessories(hats,shades,bags,gloves etc),full on sequence,full on glamour and not to mention full on NAIOMI!!!!!! The highlights of this collection were clearly the pants,furs and full on fabulous print long maxi dresses and of course Naomi!!!! 
(sorry this post is so late there were technical issues) Giorgio armani's fall collection was all about easy chic with was shown with will executed seemingly easy to wear master tailored mens 30s style suites, we have also seen this at donna karen but this collection was much more easy and accessible. It was all about the pants or very well tailored and really cute shorts, the whole look revolved round the pants and also a very cool and savvy mens flat black leather shoe some even with a little girly pink sparkle, these looks were styled with fabulous blazers or softening pinks and corals. These looks are made so easy to wear and were great "work clothes" The collection was separated into several sections the first mens 30s tailored looks,next sunset tones with more fun colors such as pink and tangerine,next was the glamorous evening looks that were fabulous glossy shimmering jackets or coats or fun party dresses perfect for the classic armani customer then there was the big Finnish a sequence black glamorous dress that had a lot if accessories (hat,necklaces....) very much the show stopper. I was sad there were not more gowns but the collection was all about those fabulously wearable pants or fabulous mens flats and evening structured silk pretty pieces all great armani pieces for next fall!!!!
Here are some fab tommy ton mfw shots!!!! Enjoy
This was the most in your face sexy versus show i've seen yet. The show opened with super youthful maroon coat with black leather accents this was very sexy,and sexy other maroon sleek sexy and youthful looks followed, these were my favorite looks from the collection!!! PRINTS were very major in this collection there were two prints in several different colors and silhouettes that were very graphic and bold so were the colors,electric blue,pink,neon yellow,aqua blue!!!! The dresses were short sometime styled with thigh high leather boots creating very sexy image, which was what the collection basically was cute youthful sexy looks and sometimes sleek prefect for the versus girl!!
The aquilano rimondi fall collection was very tailored rich with historical inspiration and just small finer details i simple dye for. The collection showed several major prints including there signature swirl 18th century inspired print this season it was also in a fabulous velvet!! The collection had very historical inspirations including 18th century women and medieval art this all came together to create a divine collection filled with marvelous pieces most girls will be wearing for fall. The darker tone looks had a very stylish and on trend vibe so did the sleek hair and the defined waist. Another aquilano signature is the fabulous bubble skirt dress which was presented beautifully in this collection. The collection had a regal 2012 tudor,medieval and 18th century vibe one of there best collections to date!!!!!
The latest ferragamo collection had a very alluring mic it was military meets folksy,gypsy forest girl which made for and enchanting collection. The show opened with very strict military looks with sleek hair ,leather riding boots and very tailored and military clothes in this collection you wouldn't also expect to find flowing carefree dresses with a romanticism and enchanting feel. The mix made for two interesting women, which eventually formed into one look it had such a contrast!!!! The inspiration was russia, which is very military and also folksy. The military looks were very chic tailored powerful and what a women aims to be this is quite a hard look to pull off the other is more easy but is also more fragile and delicate. The military looks have great wearable coats skits and jackets the gypsy looks have fabulous dresses even some with a little glamour to them. I would be more keen on buying the military women but the gypsy women is very beautiful and there is something that is quite fantasy about it. It is great that this season the ferragamo customer have two women to chose from or maybe they will do both , it will be interesting to see next season.
After seeing this fabulous missoni show i declared it my favorite missoni collection i have every seen(before this i didn't really dye for missoni that much) The collection was a little bit wild, the girls were very strong and had a sort if tribal edge it was very feminine and empowering in a way. The coats,jackets and furs were clearly the focus and the highlight of the collection also were the fabulous accessories gold studded black pump,gold earthy earrings which had a little tribal feel to them really cool really exciting! The furs to me were a hunters winnings thron or wrapped in that wild way showing just how strong this women was. Also the more structure coats which were the highlights of the collection were less wild but more wearable and stylish with a powerful look. There were a lot of striped leather pants it the mixed and random layering which makes it so cool and edgy but most of all stylish. The missoni woman this fall is a stong fighter who isnt afraid to go outside the boundaries!