28 Days ago I left for paris, the fashion capitol of the world, couture on every street corner, the most delectable foods,aromas and fashions! On my return I caught up with the happenings in the fashion world a colorful character died which is always my fear on going on vaca before I leave I say something like wat if Karl Lagerfield dies and I dont know, a few celebs dressed fabulously and there were scandalous etc etc just another week in the fashion world! So I went with a fresh attitude powered up my trustee laptop and then BOOOOOOM all this computer mombo jombo starting coming up and  I was like wat the hell is going on then it went black so I tired to turn it on and on and on but just blackness even though just an hour ago I was planning my daily posts and checking up on the news. So I was totally shocked and though well this is nothing that cant be fixed, so then I went to get it fixed and they after several days of me going crazy with the need to type simply condemned it much to my shock!!! I had not blogged in days and could only twit and catch up on the fashion news with my iphone was suddenly without optimism it was 12 days without blogging so I got to borrow a small little notebook which was slow and missing several buttons and didnt have the software to blog or something so ive been living with this little stupid bloggless notebook for another many days. So by about day 25 I had adapted to the uncolorful life of no fashion blogging :( But I was thrusted back into the need to blog with the NYFW hype I was think omg nyfw like 10 days away and dont have laptop yet omg cant express how I feel about these amazing collections and secondly WILL I EVEN SEE THESE COLLECTIONS!!! Which was an unbearable thought its has always been a nightmare for me to not see the collections since I started watching them because theres so god damn many so u watch them in the environment of the fashion season or you simply wont catch up on all the collections which is such a hell for me! So still havnt got a perfect laptop which is smooth and oh so reliable but have got a big chunky powerful laptop which allows me to blog even though a little slower and the fact I am still borrowing it from my fathers office meaning I only get it from 5 and I always usually blogged from 4 so thats an hour set back so thats a slight problem but what does it matter Im BACK BITCHS!!!! I will resume normal blogging tomorrows how amazing will that be especially to all my wonderful 3 readers! But how cares if no one reads this blog as I expect because I think my daily stats I receive are like false just a conspiracy I have! So yes 28 days later I am back and am ready for fashion season!!!! :D (How funny that I havnt blogged for 28 days s
Diane von Frustenburg flew to london to take in the fab games, here are her personal photos of her fab adventure!
Pradas fall video has a eye catching hypnotic feel surrounding it that just forces me to not stay away! The video was models dressed in fabulous prada ensembles playing competitive games such as chess. The music was very riveting and whole video was a world of unusually high fashion something that I can never put into words I u just say take a look for your self! Certainly the best fashion video we have seen for this fall im just totes mesmerized and slightly frightened by it!!

L.A & New York Total Recall Premieres 

Gossip Girl shooting!!!


To brooklyn decker at wimbeldon to a jumping excited kate and wills take a look at london 2012 style from stands and from the athletes 
The female olympic athletes have started a new trend amongst themselves ;) Everyone is talking about the patriotic nails which almost all of the athletes are sporting. Take a look at some of the fab patriotic nail art my favs are the fab Union jacks also the red and blue glitter nails which represent the US 
Alexa Chung was first rumored shooting with leighton Meester on Gossip girl and now it has been confirmed that the fab fashionista will be making a cameo appearance as herself!!!! Omg so exciting!! But omg I just found out that they have filmed the last episode eva *sob and I'm so disappointed, gossip girl is clearly my fav show eva drama,beautiful people,new york, and FASHION!!! So good and bad news for me love the hilar fab alexa she will fit right in a GG but am so disappointed to here my fav show is ending. Omg I have such mixed emotions right now!!!!! 
Take a look into the space were Rag&Bone Designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville create there cool urban relaxed downtown collection which are loved by many! There studio thats in the meat packing district is relaxed and impeccable cool it greatly reflects the rag and bone brand! 
Vanity Fairs september issue and annual Style issue is being much talked about especially for featuring Kate Middleton on the shared cover! Jessica Chastin did a shoot and interview with vanity fair where as kate didn't though friends were interviewed, Chastin is for the hollywood buffs and kate for the royalty together its going to be one major selling issue! Some shocking revelations have been revealed about kates marriage! Kate and will like to have DVD marathons, omg how sweet is that!!!! They own a sausage maker! How crafty of them? Kates interested in interior design :o omg would dye to see inside there home!!! Also the mag states "Duchess's schedule requires up to five clothing changes per day" Omg that is amazing!!! How envious am i of kates darling life!!!  In this annual style issue there is the much anticipated 2012 BEST DRESSED and there are lots of shockers!!! Kate got the No.1 spot which is totes obs and chastin made No.2 which is great choice as her awards season and cannes wardrobe were stunning! There are also some other surprises like bill cunningham making top 20 also jay z! There are also some puzzling omessions like michelle obama who didn't make the list :o  
Take a look  at the first 20 spots on the list! I cant say I agree many unusual choices but there are many fab ones! ( I dont know half the people on this????)
Another week another scandalous Karl Lagerfied comment, and this time involving Pippa Middleton! What he had to say was quite bitchy as always, he allegedly said "kate middleton has a nice silhouette and she is the right girl for that boy. I like that kind of woman, I like romantic beauties. On the other hand, her sister struggles. I don't like the sister's face. She should only show her back" so basically karl loves everything bout kate and thinks Pippa is ugly but has a nice bum! Don't know if I agree with Karl on this one cause Im totes in love with pippa and I can sort of get what he means about her face because at times it doesn't look good but most of the time she's fabulously styled and looks totes stunning, her look is so "London Posh Girl" and i'm totes in love with that! I always take much pleasure in reading Karls quotes if he published a book of them totes gonna be best seller ;)