The bottega veneta women this fall is very chic,interesting and has that alluring powerful edge. The perfectly tailored coats and suits really created a powerful image, this pieces like the first black coat are extremely attractive and appealing investments towards your wardrobe as they are time less and oh so CHIC! There were very elegant and chic flat riding boots which were great accessory also were the cool shade, fabulous simple 60s pumps,elegant pearls and the amazing bottega bags which are always incredible and a must have item. This women was clearly chic and had the aspect of glamour in her persona, chic were the black sweaters (which are so cool especially with the pearl necklace and tailored shorts) worn with pearls and peplum black skirt with fab black bag this women was very chic the glamour was in the stunning gowns and party dresses with feathered shoulders and embroideries!!! It was all about the chic and glamours women which will be desired by my women next fall!!! The gowns were 40s hollywood glamour with less shiny bling it was there stunning structure and power which made them so desirable, they were velvet and in a arty print very elegant!!! The tone of the collection was dark black,navy, purple burgundy were the main features which just made a even more powerful and also mysterious mode but over all the mood was DESRIRBLE CHIC!!! The best tomas mier for bottega veneta collection since his fabulous 60s hitchcock fall collection but this had more power 

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