" Burberry is the show everyone comes to london for" i couldent agree more with this statment as burberry knows how to put on a show!!!! For the past few seasons now burberry as built from the ground up a fabulous catwalk and ivites the best stars for its front row this season there were lots of stars such as will-i-am,rosie hufington,mario testino,pixie geldoff,poppy delevigne,will young,kate brosworth the list is endless!!!! The atmosphere at a burberry show is amzing every thing from the runway to the a listers to the hand selected music you dont stop singing for weeks and the amazing fashion. The theme for the colelction was town and country and merging the to of them we also say this at the tommy hilfiger show in new york!!! The english country is becoming a major trend this season desingers such as rag and bone,tommy hilfiger and ralph lauren were inspired by the english country. The show had as always at burberry amazing coats there was the classic trench this time with a plaid peplum flare, tweed coats,velvet coats which i die for!!!! The show opened with very country looks which were styled with period farmers tweed hats that really painted a picture of the english country .There were fabulous oversized utilitarian pockets which made for a very adventurer look which was quite rural and country also the amazing florals at the end of the show painted the picture of a quint english garden and the dresses were really cute. The coats and dresses had widened hips and were belted with elasticated leather bow belt which made a very cute look and defined the waist and the silhouette. There were great seperate pieces which are prefect for your fall wardroe the cute cropped jackets,fabulous ruffled skirts,very cute and quirky animal print t shirts,and the accessories are just amazing leather studded gloves,cute ankle boots and amazing bags which are a great luxry purchase!!!! Pelplum was major it appered in many looks giving them more volume and a chicness to them!!!!  The cropped jackets,coats and peplum skirts were my favorite sperates in this collection as they are very diverse and look amazing on almost anything. I think a major investment i'm gonna make next fall is for one of those burberry coats which are so timeless and can make any outfit look so amazing. The final look was a heart stopping moment!!!! it was a velvet coat with a great ruffle and quilted seam it was belted and looked amazing!!!!! i thought what's going to top this and christopher must have thought so to as it closed an amazing show!!!!! The grand final was another amazing burberry moment outside of the runway water began to sink down the windows and a rain sound affect was heard then floating white confetti was released and the models came out all with a umbrella which is so burberry as they did it last year and at the mens shows!!!!! This collection was so major my london highlight as always!!! I simple ADORE!!!!!!

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