Sophisticated,london modern chic,working cool girl,tailored fabulously,sleek looks with the classic burberry twist these are totes the key phrases when you are talking about this major burberry collection! It was modern burberry unlike the 30s pre war britain that inspired pre fall, this woman for resort is the BURBERRY WOMAN this resort collection is a wardrobe its go everything you need and a fabulous versatility and cohesion. Lets start with PANTS omg i was fixated on the pants in this collection they were so major sleek,tailored,cute and cropped,cool urban there major major major not to mention the shorts also i love the pants and shorts in this collection, there prefect for the cool london burberry girl and the international working woman the pants were prefect work clothes! I mean those fab tailored grey pants are sophisticated and very chic! The powerful working woman and cool urban maybe P.R girl needs the pants from this collection.
The pants were styled perfectly with cool knits which i also went crazy over and cool working woman blazers! There were lots of classic burberry items we love to see in every collection wonderfully reinvented by christopher bailey(GENIUS) every season in cool fab way! There was the burberry trench in this collection was made a glamours shining metallic ivory and cool sleek cut out silhouette! So the pants and shorts were major fav so was the knits and the reinvented burberry items NOW LETS TALK GOWNS!!!
The gowns all of which are pictured below all fabulously chic and glamourous christopher only shows gowns in the resort and pre fall season and there always and fab treat. My fav was the sleek cool black gown perfect for the girl this collection is based around. That dress is the show stopper moment in the movie the fab pretty girl but hides it and dress horrible and dosnt brush her hair and of course wears glasses but tonight's different she has been made over by the burberry fairy, she arrives at the glam event the hair blond straightened its so pretty and FASHION the lips a rouged red the make up light almost natural but stunning and the dress THE DRESS!! A chic black cut out uber shopisticated and sexy its black drama suddenly shes the only one anyone can look at its that DRESS the cinderella moment it makes you just look.....look WORDS CANT DESCRIBE!!! Its major overload :D The fab embroidered gown has another major effect its the glamour heritage look so burberry then theres the major white gown which has just the same effect as that black gown! There just uber chic,uber shopisticated, UBER everything!
Loved this collection i loved the pret a porter looks more than the gowns even though i was quite descriptive in that section there was just a story i love a #FASHION STOREY the collection in one word is the UBERSHOPISTICATED GIRL

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