Day 3 of london fashion week was to say the least a very busy one! It was sort of a D day a lot of shows all fabulous and unmissable so there is no time for lazyness or.....the sniffles! Yesterday I had a terrblie case of the sinffles and it made D day a whole lot harder meaning I could only blog 3 full shows and had to watch most of yesterdays shows to day which clogs up the systems and makes everything that little bit behind and out of date! But I thought through my illness and have seen all the shows and have died for all the shows!
My obvi top 3 of yesterday was 1.Mary Katrantzou,2. Jonathan Saunders, 3. Preen closley followed by Topshop unique,temporly, and matthew willamson along with some other major shows including Vivienne Westwood which is always a lot of fun, Paul smith which was less "fun" more fab tailored looks even though this season the tailoring was more relaxed though the usual from paul! And a head scratching collection at Acne wasn't sure what was happening there!
Ive all ready talked about my top 3 in full post so lets start with Unique! It was such a cool show the frow was major we got to see the new topshop venue for the first time there was champagne and appitisers being served the whole thing was major! The collection was so major it was so cool,light,soft and minimal in a very futristic cool way!
Then there was Temporley London which was old school 50s chic it was grace kelly meets audrey hepburn meets Alice temporley in 2012 thought it was stunning beyond belief!!!
Then Matthew Williamson put a smile on all our faces with a stunning colorful,vibrant and diverse collection it was the perfect amount of color I needed with my case of the sniffles it really did brighten my day and also made me die for the most major cute colorful part dresses I could just see the cast of gossip girl wearing them for all there major fab parties!
Vivienne WestWood red label was as always a lot of fun there were green faces,polotical statments and a one pieace with half of the models bum hanging out of it which I found to be hilar! Also so ending were she came out with her climate change banner you just had to giggle! Oh and  I was only laughing at Viv I was also loving all the fab sort of granny chic looks? Sort of 50s deb girl meets cray Viv!
Finally Paul I loved the fab play with the signature shirt dress and also how the tailoring was softer, he didnt go so bright kept it very simple and effective!
Jonathan Saunders has become one of the major london highlights for me! For the past year I have been dying for everything he has done and in my eyes he is one of the top 5 designers I see in london and this collection lived up to this! Firstly it was a lot of this seasons trends and the collection looked like Jonathan went to nyfw took a few designers samples and made his collection in 3 days! That may be a bad example becuase it makes it seem like it was made in 3 days and that he isn't original so I take that back! Basically it has all of the trends we saw incorporated into it Stripes,metallics,sex,sportswear,minimalism,sheer etc! It was like spring 2013 nyfw done Jonathan's style and also lfw style! This really tells us everything we saw in new york has come to london because just about every look in london so far has feature one or many things that were shown in new york! It was like falls cray extravagant embellishments and embroideries and luxe fabs etc, this spring 2013 seems to be fall 2012's left overs. Sounds very faux pax butments and embroideries and luxe fabs etc, this spring 2013 seems to be fall 2012's left overs. Sounds very faux pax but its not its just a more relaxed easy spring season I dont think in 10 years time people will be saying omg that Spring 2013 collection was the most fab ive seen of this person! I think were taking a break this season and I really enjoyed Jonathan's take on are fashion break as he made it look cool and in genius which I loved to see even if ive been saturated with these looks all fashion season every time I see them I still say DIE out loud because its not like I dont love them im just a little......TIRED OF THEM!!!!! Though still am in love with it all! So happy to see metallics here I smiled when the first nude and metallic silver skirt came down the runway because from day one I forecasted METALLICS WILL BE TREND and it seems like its starting to become quite accurate and taking real shape here in london so I couldn't be happier! Most looks her were to solids so created sharp cool look which you may not be able to see as you would have to see the look back to front to get full effect! But it was vivid and a enjoyable statement! Sports wear sex and sports wear were combined in this collection to make a powerful effortless sexy girl, through the usually, midriffs and peek a boos really this stuff is all so normal to us all by now! Loved also the infusion of glamour and sport the final sequence looks were major die moments as I do love to see a cute tennis dress shimmer or fab skirt be given a new forceful movement due to all that sequence weighing it down! So overall its what we have been seeing all season done in an original way which is what everyone is also doing! Im sure next season there will be no shortage of ANYTHING because so much of the same stuff but isnt that fashion! Even though in all my fashion seasons (5) ive never seen so much trends or REPETITION on the runway like this before milan and paris will change it up and change up is what we need im sick of leftovers and I WANT SOMETHING FRESH!
Every season before the Mary K show I wonder what major prints will she be showing us this time??? Season after season what I see I always deem GENIUS! This season was obvi no different as the fab prints really impressed me! This season it wasnt a landscape or interior or even lots of fun quirky objects it was Stamps and Money that took us on a cultured and vibrant journey around the world the overall feel was light,airy, quite eclectic and as always stunning! The stamp is something a traveller picks up from different places in the world and thats what it looked like, it was as if you opened an old travelers box and in it stamps and money from around the world all of these different things from different countries in different colors and shapes together made for one cohesive image of......ADVENTURE ! This is what I also saw in the clothes it was a vast mix of adventure,history and culture all in one making an image of excitement and I know I call this a cliche but when its mary Katrantzou is there any other word? The clothes were pieces of art......ekk omg such a cringey statement I know but..... ITS TURE! Each look was colorful bright and interesting and also had to be studied and thought about as you would with art then there were the more fashionable things other than the "art" the siloettes were wide,flowing,free and long I think just about everything was below the knee! The silhouette as we are seeing everywhere this season is free and less tailored unlike last season at Mary K were it was more structured! Though Mary Katrantzou's silhouettes may be more relaxed and more free than last season but they are far from the simple,minimalist and effortless looks we are seeing everywhere else this season I think its fair to say that this just may have been the most interesting to look at collection of the season it was just shirt dress,minimalist white,soft flowing dress etc... Though we don't see it everywhere it is strong and a Mary Katrantzou is breaking the season's mold and coming out on top and see is not alone! This season we can really separate the weak to the strong and Mary Katrantzou has been the strongest i've seen in london so far!
I apologize if this is crap because I am typing this in bed feeling like such shit because some bitch gave me the could! But enough about my personal life and more about preens SS2013 collection! This was my first early rise collection 9am on a sunday morning, a time I usually hold sacred for sleeping in(omg i just cant stop talking bout moi!!!) so I did the early sunday wake just so I wouldn't mess this collection which I knew would obvi be to major to even ponder missing! The question is was it worth it, omg is it just me or does this waking up early on a sunday sound like I sacrifieced my puppy or somthin I mean im up at 6.30 every other why am I being such a drama queen about this!! So I guess the question isnt was it worth it the fact is there is no question I think??? Well if there was then this would be the answer??? Ok im offically making no sense! WHY DO I NOT STOP TYPING???
So back to the serious issue at hand preens collection! This was there london debt and they did it in style showing at the very visually pleasing and quite epic looking museum of natural history, it was a one sided front row the other side was major wall and on top of all that they came down stairs so major! Though sadly non fell :(
As usual at preen the clothes were made up of striking minimal tailoring and most importantly PRINT! 
This season we went au natural on the prints and went for beautiful luxeriois pythin in many variations appearing in differnt colors and tetures, then there were the stunning florals which were detailed esthetically pleasing and so pretty! The silhouettes were sharp cool and at times a little relaxed and free, we are seeing this mix of soft and strong tailoring all over the catwalks this season its more about a tailored shirt than a tailored jacket or pant which is what we saw here! This season at preen it was as always omg im in love!!! with a  natural vibe at the natural history museum it also had been keeping just about every trend we have seen so far alive lace,leather,sheer,soft/hard tailoring,whites,some prints etc so an all round stunning collection very very on trend,very cool and most of all a major....pretty moment :D
Yesterday was the second day of london fashion week and there were lots of fab collections on show! 
My fav of the day was obvi house of holland it was totes fab grunge glamour LOVED! 
The day also had lots of other collections which pleased my palette Dion Lee an NAUIC (New and up in coming) designer showed a fab fresh cool collection in which he infused sports wear with a sci fy avant garde edge and was quite the major show!
(Pictured far left)
Another fav of mine is also a fav of the Middleton sisters, ISSA. The collection was colorful,elegant,free sort of a beautiful tropical goddess! I loved the beautiful head pieces and fab flowing printed bright gowns, could certainly see Kate wear some of this on vaca, there very appropriate for a duchess! (Pictured center) 
Then Finally there was Moschino cheap&Chic which was as it usually is fun,quirky and a little flirty the look was sort of 70s meets modern sportiness with lots of fun pineapples ;) (pictured far right)
Also in day two John Rochas showed fab elegant and beautiful pretty looks plus some fab head pieces which I wouldn't mind seeing at ascot, Holly Fulton showed lots of bright fun quirk and prints of retro nudes and pretty light blues plus fashion east showed us fabulous sequenced animal items including sequenced bat trench also lots of cray cray fun bold prints!
London fashion week is in full swing and so is its fabulous original street style! We have gone from the yellow taxi to the red bus the concrete pavements of new york have become....well they are still concrete pavements,but they look different dont they! And the street style has got a fresh new look contrast is clear in the streets and the runway and I do love that London look!
Shot by Tommy Ton
For spring the house of holland girl got a little moody and went all grunge on us! It was all about the 90s this season which henry has called "the forgotten era" and this collection is the "glory" of the 90s! Grunge Glamour was the theme of the show it was that moody 90s girl who had cray fizzy hair and wore beanies and pilgrim which boots henry glamed all this up he bejeweled the hats and made them totes desirable and cool, made the friz hair cool and fab and made those shoes in a fabulous metallic! The clothes were printed,shiny,90s,cool and very henry holland! I loved all the fab printed looks in electrifying cool grunge colors and silhouettes gave them a little attitude this season! There were as at every show this season major sheer and midriff moments! I was totes in love love love with the major multi colored tie dye jacket!!! It was super cool colorful and fab for that cool major girl! I expect to see much variations in top shop next season, I think most of this collection will be in topshop next season its totes there look which is cool fresh a little grunge very cool and a little quirky! Loved how Henry did the grunge look it was fresh fun and really cool and im dying for tie dies and bejeweled beanies!!!
So fashion season has been keeping me away from the outside world I called it the "NYFW BUBBLE" it kept me from some very serious issues, blake lively getting married,Michelle Obamas DNC wardrobe and worst of all a royal tour and a royal scandal thats a double whammy! But I wont talk about the past  ie.Blake and Michelle and I shall not dwell on Kates current scandal I twitted in defiance "I really care more about what Kate Middelton is wearing rather than what shes not! #PRIVACY" but i will be obvi talking about her Royal tour wardrobe!!!! 
So first I saw of her tour she was omg omg wearing Prabel!!!! Which was a major moment for prabel and for kates style! Her wardrobe continued with her usual favs Jenny and McQueen she looked proper and fab as always and she also had a very regal eastern look about her which was so royally correct! 
Then a mist the news of her nude pictures she stepped out in a elegant and conservative stunning blue look wearing a veil which evoked a meomory of Diana!
Yes new york has just ended and in the blink of an eye bang its london fashion week and suddenly your back in fashion week mode with maybe just one sleep without it! But its only London just 5 days and only a few actual major shows along with some other less major but still quite fab collections! I always love london its suddenly such major contrast from new york its got a cool fresh look which is just in one two words, TOTES LONDON! So what have I seen and what am I looking forward to??? 
So there as been nothing major yet day one was a day of pretty,minimalist and cool collections I saw Fedler Fedler (Pictured far left) which was really easy pretty and in my notes I called it "young,fresh london party girl" so its cute and for that chelsea girl which is a negative on its international potential! 
I died for Markus Lupfer, for months ive been obsessing over the major fun,quirky and immensely fab sweaters on net a porter. This was the first time I finally saw his full collection and I loved,loved,loved it! Fab simple and pretty metallic glamourous party dresses, fab light blue python die dye printed light shirt dresses, fun play with sequence and metallic  and of course sweaters in cute and light bolts,air balloons and with fun texts like sequenced green "Chill" LOVE! 
Finally another show I saw and loved was Sass&Bide it was very refreshing and in my show notes I called the girls "GODDESSES!" which they certainly were! Here we also saw whites again keeping the new york trend alive plus it seems london is keeping the prints to a bare minimum!

So what am I looking forward to well obvi the most awaited show for me and I think the stratosphere is BURBERRY!!!! Every season highlight of london and top show of season cant wait to see what chris does this season with the trench,accessories,setting,front row and one of my fav things at the burberry show the stunning soundtrack! Plus am dying to see Mary Katrantzous prints, christopher kanes cutting edge cool looks and what will McQ be doing now after that beyond fantastic debt fall collection???
So london is here and wait its almost over there is only 3 days left love how short it is! 
Happy LFW!!!!! :D
NYFW is over and so is its fab original street style the fashion world has moved to london along with its street style! So lets take one last fab look at the major new york style! 
Shot by tommyton