Nyfw is now in full swing and so are the fab fashionable new york fashion week parties! See what the fab stars wore to the early nyfw events including some madison avenue store openings, a lunch and awards show! Expect much more cool after parties of the week!
Finally a reason to watch the absolute cheese feast that gives me such a headache, GLEE! I never watch it due to the amount of cringe it cause's me but now that the one the only Sarah Jessica Parker one of my fav style icons is making a cameo as the editor of vogue.com I will be certainly tuning in. But theres more not only will SJP be in Glee as the editor of vogue.com i mean could it get better? Well the greatest woman like eva, Anna Wintour will be styling her!!!!! :O So yes this is major deal! The character is described as being "sort of frazzled,eccentric and hilarious" how fab does that sound! This news as really got me totes excited and cant believe im saying that I cant wait for glee which will be airing in september 13th so I may have to wait a while before watching due to fashion season, glee certainly isn't a priority ;)
A major collection needs a major front row to match and the dior show certainly had that with lots of fab designers such as marc jacobs and donetella versace and also lots of fab celebs such as Jennifer Lawrence and sharon stone and every fashion show needs a few annas Mrs wintor and dello russo were both looking fab in attendance!
If Anna's endorsing it you know its totes in ;D
ANNA WINTOUR has been named as one ofBarack Obama's top tier fundraisers, in a list published by the US President's re-election campaign organisers. The editor of US Vogue has raised more than $500,000 (£316,834), to help the President win his second term.
The chart divided 440 names into four categories depending on how money donors had contributed; $50,000-$100,000 (£31,687 - £63,380), $100,000-$200,000 (£63,380 - £126,761), $200,000 to $500,000 (£126,761 - £316,834), and those who raised more than $500,000. Also in the top bracket is Miramax mogul and Georgina Chapman's husband Harvey Wenstein
Wintour has hosted a number of events for Obama over the last year, including dinners held at her personal New York residence.  Other fashion names to back the President are Marc Jacobs, Beyoncé, Alexander Wang and Prabal Gurung, all of whom launched merchandise last month promoting Obama's re-election as part of the Runway To Win campaign.