The opening to most New York fashion weeks is the BCBG show, it eases you in with its usual repetitive silhouettes and styles. That does seem like an insult but its not we love the look at BCBG its fabulously styled, the movement is always captivating and the colors usually the same BCBG staples! This season there were the same silhouettes and but it was the BCBG girl in a different light! The collection is called Femme fatale which is an alluring mysterious woman. This collection certainly had that look. Lace was the big thing everyone is focusing on in this collection, it contrasts fabulously with that sort of classic BCBG look but ads that mystery and allure! The music was a remix of Blondies heart of glass more slow and dark also another current song which i loved but didn't recognize, the front row was very BCBG mostly made up a beautiful blonde girls in colorful shoes and they have a style that resemble the usual bcbg collection! So I loved what I called the lace contrast, lace and denim, lace and leather and lace and flowing sheer dresses! It added elegance style and a little sophistication! I thought the clothes were fab for bright work looks and some of the dresses could totes rock at any party or night out! I think this report become everything I didn't want it to but its my first one of fashion week so im aloud one ;)
BCBG opened fashion week for me this season with a refreshing look on the new season. The show opened with a nude, beige and white leather coat that was a more quitevstaent and witch is always at bcbg a 70s feel i thought Jackie o. the collection continued with its trade mark color blocking and flowing dresses with 70s feel this season they were refreshing earthy tones which brightened the catwalk. There were last season pleats making an appearance and a classic fur and leather combo for fall!!! there were P.J pants that were a little wider just like at richard chai(trend alert!!!) and two beautiful flowing simply gowns like looks to Finish. The element i like most about this collection was the movement(video will be posted later) each dress that floated past put a small smile on my face. Fur,leather,pleats,sheer,color blocking, and movement were the main points i saw in this collection overall i found it easy to wear and fun and upbeat