Enjoy part 2 of the fab fall ads that will soon be all over are fashion mags and internet side bars! My favs are louis Vuitton,Prada,Kenzo and d squared there epic,chic and very editorial everything i want in a fashion ad ;D 
So as i have said in the post below this this weekend and today and tomorrow if milan fashion week and on saturday and sunday i decided to view some shows as each show continued the optimism and fun faded :( Saturday started off great i was up early filled with exitment for a fashion week which would be much less stressful during womens season. So with 30 mins to go i find out that u had to be registered or some shit to watch the show and it wouldnt let me do it :( so like an hour later i watched the show , it was Jil Sanders big return and i thought it was quite fab i coined the phrase hicthcock meets schizophrenia it had that fab retro yet very modern minimlist strange feel i enjoyed it :D
 Then me being so excited to see the dolce show it was such a disapointment, it started great front row starstudded and fab then the music started it was dramatic very cinematic then a small band of men arouse looking very native, i thought this may be intersting then they started playing that fucking music and i was cringing out of my mind! The show started and IT WAS A MESS!!! It gave me such a headache!! the horrible clothes that looked liked somthing u would by in freaken new jersey oh but then again it was "very sicilian" really i dont care very sicilian is VERY UGLY!! The "models" had a fucked up runway walk there were little kids walking to fast not knowing wat to do with there arms and grown men looking out of place! Later i found out they were real siclian men and it really showed that the people walking in that show were not models!! So the fashion was shit so was the music and models if u saw my tweets about it you will know how i feel!
Next the show i was looking forward to most BURBERRY, while i was waiting for the show to start i thought this looks very good very burberry then just as the show started my wifi went off i threw my paper in the air and gave up!!! I watched the show the day later i LOVED IT! it was very unique all that metalic but i found it cool and i loved the hairstyles,music and those cool shades they all wore but wasnt the same feeling you get when watching a womens collection!
After my disastourous start to the day i watched no more live shows and watched them on demand the next day first there was versace loved the cinematic look the men had very egyption parah but the fashions werent great it was just the spectacle. Then i watched the prada show which was a surprising show it was very sport inspired and not at all like prada and finally i saw the gucci show today finally a show i like! It was bright and fresh classically tailored and just looked luxurious and sophisticated! 

How are you liking the mens shows are you as bored as i am, though it is only 6 days to couture!!!:D

Omg so havnt really been paying attention to the mens shows so far but tomorrow its milan fashion week and lots is going on :D So firstly tomorrow it is the return of Jil sander :O this will be her first collection since she left all those years ago so everyone will have there eyes on her!! Then we will be having a dolche extravaganza which im very excited for always the most theatrical show of the season (pictured above) but are fav male model the companies muse will not be making runway appearance :( then its time for my fav menswear show of the season BURBERRY!!!! im so excited firstly i cant wait to hear the runway playlist last menswear season i cried it was so beutiful and also the burberry show is just fab and also has a little drama wonder wat they will do this season watever technological fab thing they do this season i will be watching it live!!! ( Shows ) then the day finishes with the rocken versace which is gonna be supa cool :D Thats saturdays fab first day now lets talk sunday and its the day of the Prada show another absolute favorite of my'n last season many male stars walked the runway so thats gonna be a fab show! On Monday its gucci and mcqueen to very good mens designers and will be exciting to see! Tuesday will wrap up the week with the ultimate tailoring show Armani and the wonderful whimsical Marc Jacobs! before the mens action moves to paris on Wednesday :D and i will be stayed tuned from now on :D     
Sophisticated,london modern chic,working cool girl,tailored fabulously,sleek looks with the classic burberry twist these are totes the key phrases when you are talking about this major burberry collection! It was modern burberry unlike the 30s pre war britain that inspired pre fall, this woman for resort is the BURBERRY WOMAN this resort collection is a wardrobe its go everything you need and a fabulous versatility and cohesion. Lets start with PANTS omg i was fixated on the pants in this collection they were so major sleek,tailored,cute and cropped,cool urban there major major major not to mention the shorts also i love the pants and shorts in this collection, there prefect for the cool london burberry girl and the international working woman the pants were prefect work clothes! I mean those fab tailored grey pants are sophisticated and very chic! The powerful working woman and cool urban maybe P.R girl needs the pants from this collection.
The pants were styled perfectly with cool knits which i also went crazy over and cool working woman blazers! There were lots of classic burberry items we love to see in every collection wonderfully reinvented by christopher bailey(GENIUS) every season in cool fab way! There was the burberry trench in this collection was made a glamours shining metallic ivory and cool sleek cut out silhouette! So the pants and shorts were major fav so was the knits and the reinvented burberry items NOW LETS TALK GOWNS!!!
The gowns all of which are pictured below all fabulously chic and glamourous christopher only shows gowns in the resort and pre fall season and there always and fab treat. My fav was the sleek cool black gown perfect for the girl this collection is based around. That dress is the show stopper moment in the movie the fab pretty girl but hides it and dress horrible and dosnt brush her hair and of course wears glasses but tonight's different she has been made over by the burberry fairy, she arrives at the glam event the hair blond straightened its so pretty and FASHION the lips a rouged red the make up light almost natural but stunning and the dress THE DRESS!! A chic black cut out uber shopisticated and sexy its black drama suddenly shes the only one anyone can look at its that DRESS the cinderella moment it makes you just look.....look WORDS CANT DESCRIBE!!! Its major overload :D The fab embroidered gown has another major effect its the glamour heritage look so burberry then theres the major white gown which has just the same effect as that black gown! There just uber chic,uber shopisticated, UBER everything!
Loved this collection i loved the pret a porter looks more than the gowns even though i was quite descriptive in that section there was just a story i love a #FASHION STOREY the collection in one word is the UBERSHOPISTICATED GIRL

Another day another ad campaign! This is the second fall 2012 ad that has been released you may remember versaces rock n roll goth campaign Versace fall 2012 Add campaign!!!
This Burberry campaign was all about a cinematic image of london, it reminded me of the classic film noir films set in a dark and misty london fog but this was a love story in a fabulous period cinematic london featuring Gabrielle Wilde as are scarlet and Roo panes as are star! They are the new first couple of burberry as last season eddie redmayne and cara delevinge were!  So enjoy a fab campaign and take a look back at burberrys fall collection just incase it slipped your mind ;) Burberry

Behind the scenes 


Kerr's favorite job

VICTORIA'S SECRET Angel Miranda Kerr may have walked for some of the world's most famous fashion houses - from Chanel to Stella McCartney- but she counts Balenciaga as her favourite show for a very special reason, unrelated to fashion.
"I was pregnant at the time, so my son Flynn and I walked the catwalk together," Kerr told us. "He was in my belly, so it made it really special."
Kerr is in demand now more than ever - aside from the luxury catwalks, she is currently Bally's spring/summer 2012 campaign star and one of Victoria's Secret's most high-profile Angels. A mother of a one-year-old and wife of Orlando Bloom, she has managed to find a work-life balance.
"At the moment I'm trying to do 60/40 - I spend most of my time at home being a mother and only work on jobs that I really love and with brands that I really want to work with," she said. "I've cut back quite a bit because especially the travelling can be too much and my son is obviously my number one priority. It's working out well at the moment because I'm doing fun jobs here and there and getting to spend lots of time with my boys."

Snow thanks

Kristian Stewart has revealed that she was never a fan of the Disney version of Snow White; because the heroine just wasn't her kind of girl.
"In the original she totally represents what a woman wanted to be back then: the ultimate maternal figure," she says of the cartoon classic. "She cleans house really well. It's just that [women] do more than that now… We're not made to take out big guys in armour, so [in this film,] it was really about being faster and smarter."
The Twilight actress, who plays the fairytale character opposite wicked Queen Charlize Theron in forthcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman, also revealed that external beauty isn't as important as Hollywood seems to believe
"If you're not cool as well; if you don't have the heart to back up your looks, you are ugly," she told the Guardian. "I've met so many people who I thought were so gorgeous and talented and amazing. And then you meet them for one second and you're like: 'you are wearing a costume, you are a fake, you are so unattractive'. And it doesn't always come across in a picture, but you can be really beautiful in a still frame, and then, in life, moving around, you're ugly."

Burberry Win

BURBERRY was awarded $100 million yesterday by a Manhattan Federal court, which ruled that a network of Chinese internet counterfeiters had infringed upon the brand's trademark. The group was found to have sold items bearing counterfeited Burberry trademarks,WWD reports, including imitations of the brand's check and its equestrian knight design.
The defendants failed to answer the complaint or appear in court when summoned, resulting in the substantial damages in the complainant's favour. In addition to the financial award, the judge granted a permanent injunction against the sites, and transferred control of the offending domain names to Burberry.
Last month, Hermès International was awarded an identical payout of $100 million against 34 counterfeit websites selling imitations of its products.

Watt's fear

NAOMI WATTS has admitted that she is "absolutely terrified" about the prospect of playing the late Diana, Princess of Wales in the forthcoming biopic of the last two years of her life.
"She is a part of our history, an incredible woman and fascinating but a tragic ending," Watts said as she attended an even at The Orangery in London's Holland Park, just next to the Princess' former home - Kensington Palace, this week. "It's a good script, but it's very scary. I kind of wanted to say no but I couldn't."
The film, called Caught In Flight, will document her relationship with heart surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan before her untimely death in Paris in August 1997
"Now I'm doing all the research and there is so much to read," she added, the Daily Mail reports. "I just hope we make a good film and people can learn something new about her that's interesting. There are a lot of people who knew her, and a lot of books to read. One story is different to the next so it's hard to gauge what was the truth. It's going to be a tough one, it's a big beast to take on; I'll just try to do my best."

M&S Graduate 

THE Scottish Fashion Awards' Graduate of the Year, Campbell Dunn, has seen his first dress for Marks & Spencer arrive in store. The designer, who was awarded the M&S-sponsored accolade in June 2011, was chosen as the winner from seven finalists - and is the second SFA Graduate to design a dress for the company.
"I was a bit apprehensive about going to see arriving in store, since that was the first time I had seen it," Dunn admitted today. "But I was really happy with the finish; the final result is incredible. I popped in to the store at Marble Arch in London this week and saw it there and at the press show, one of the girls was wearing it - which was lovely. The award is a great accolade to have on your CV - and to be from Scotland and win a Scottish award means a lot. It's definitely helped my profile in the industry. I'm in the process of setting up a menswear label called Nomoi just now as well as working at M&S, so it's great. Everything is going really well."
"Campbell has been a great addition to the M&S team in London and we hope to continue working with him in the future," Dominic Fry, M&S communications director and Scottish Fashion Awards judge, said. "He is a shining example of the design talent coming out of Scotland each year."


 Balmain dinner in New York. 

Karlie Kloss wore Balmain
Constance Jablonski wore a Balmain dress.
Arizona Muse wearing Balmain

Woman For Woman International Gala

Charlotte Dellal in a black off-the-shoulder gown and carrying the Domino bag of her own design
Olivia Grant in a Dolce & Gabbana dress

Out and about new york style

Liv Tyler out in New York, wearing a trench coat, striped top and jeans.
Emma Stone in a tartan jacket and black trousers, while walking her dog in New York.

A little bit of chole

Chloe Moretz wearing a Dolce & Gabbana floral dress with Emma Roberts
Chloe Mortez in a Christopher Kane dress for an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman.

 Burberry party in New York

cara Delevingne wearing white jeans, a leather-sleeved jacket and boots.

screening of documentary Christie's

January Jones, wearing a Mary Katrantzou autumn/winter 2012-13 peplum dress.

Betsey Bankruptcy

 Betsey Johnson has filed for bankruptcy protection under the Chapter 11 US Bankruptcy Code. Although the designer will remain creative director of her brand, the majority of its 63 stores and 350 employees will lose their jobs.
"The decision to seek protection under Chapter 11 comes after months of rigorously pursuing alternative restructuring arrangements to address Betsey Johnson LLC's cash-flow problems," saidthe company's LLC chief financial officer, Jonathan Friedman. "After exhausting our resources and possibilities, it became apparent that neither a restructuring arrangement with a new equity investor nor a sale of the business enterprise as a going concern outside of bankruptcy was to be forthcoming. Accordingly, our board made the determination that a Chapter 11 store-closing process will likely be the best way to maximise the value of the company's assets, for the benefit of its creditors."
The label will now focus on Johnson's lower-priced line, but will still stage a catwalk show in September as planned. Johnson, who will be 70 in August, is also involved with a reality television show - which will start shooting in the near future. The company is currently owned by Boston-based equity firm Castanea Partner, who own 90 per cent, and  Steven Madden  -  who holds the remaining 10 per cent stake.
"I feel so sad for my store people and all my pink girls," Johnson toldWWD. "They live and die for me. But I need to be better. I really need to work well and be more efficient."

Gaultier takes on cannes

Along with celebrating his 60th birthday this week, Jean Paul Gaultier has been named in the Cannes Film Festival jury line-up. With eight other panelists, the French designer will be responsible for selecting the winner of the Palme d'Or prize - the festival's highest honour. And with his passion for film and a long-standing ambition to be involved at Cannes, it seems Gaultier fits the bill perfectly.
"We have a tradition of inviting people who we know are cinephiles but who are not necessarily in cinema," said Cannes boss Thierry Fremaux.
The jury will be led by Italian director Nanni Moretti, with Diane Kruger and Ewan McGregor also taking up seats on the panel. The festival will run from 16 to 27 May.

Burberry world

Burberry launched its latest project in Taipei last night - Burberry World Live - in which guests were invited to step inside the brand's world, with a 360-degree cylindrical space combining film, live music and interactive, simulated British weather. Leaves fell from the ceiling, following by golden rain.
"We're talking about all the different facets of the brand - fashion, design, music, weather and attitude," the brand's chief creative officer,Christopher Bailey,said  "It's all part of an immersive space that we've custom-built opposite our latest new store. It's basically the whole concept of the brand wrapped in one experience and a big celebration of the multi-faceted jewel that is Burberry. It's a celebration of Britishness all around the globe."
The sensory event, which marked the opening of the brand's new Taipei store, will be the first of many - with more lined up in Hong Kong, London and Chicago later this year. Highlights from last night's event will be available for the public to view on the brand's Facebook page later today.

The queen jewels

The Queen's most precious diamond jewellery is set to become the subject of a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace - opening on June 30 - a celebration of her Golden Jubilee. The showcase will display both the Queen's personal jewellery, as well as pieces that have been handed down through the royal family's history. Highlights include the earrings and necklace the Queen wore at her Coronation; the tiara given to Her Majesty by Queen Mary on her 21st birthday; and Queen Victoria's diamond crown.

Taylor verdict

After four years of hearings at the UN-backed special court for Sierra Leone in the Hague, during which Naomi Campbell testified, African warlord Charles Taylor has been found guilty of 11 charges - including murder, rape, sexual slavery and enforced amputations. The former Liberian president is expected to serve considerable time in a British prison, once he has been formally sentenced on May 30. Campbell was called as a witness during the trial in August 2010, as prosecutors attempted to prove that Taylor had given her blood diamonds. The supermodel said that she didn't know who had sent her the jewels, describing them as " dirty little pebbles". The pair met at a dinner, hosted by Nelson Mandela, in 1997.


Aquascutum in administration

Following reports this morning, Aquascutum has confirmed that it has entered administration today and has appointed joint administrators Geoff Rowley and Phil Armstrong - partners at FRP Advisory LLP, the specialist restructuring, recovery and insolvency firm - to oversee the process.
"We are conscious of the value of the Aquascutum brand and its long-standing heritage and because of this are keen to enter in to early discussions with interested parties open to purchasing the business as soon as possible,"  joint administrator Geoff Rowley said this afternoon. "We will of course be conducting an urgent assessment of all stores and concessions and look to communicate to staff and suppliers at the very earliest opportunity."
The directors made the decsion to begin administration proceedings following "significant losses" over the past year. Between its British stores and its UK-based manufacturing sites, Aquascutum employs 250 people in the UK.

Billion dollar burberry

Burberry has joined a league of fashion heavyweights that includes Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton as a billion-pound label.
"We are the only global luxury goods brand from Britain," the label's finance director Stacey Cartwright told the Evening Standard. "We are unique and we are balanced across clothing and leather goods. Our other difference is our focus on digital. Shoppers can buy straight from the catwalk with iPads in stores and we now have more than 12 million Facebook fans."
The luxury British brand has reached record sales of     £1 billion in the past six months - an increase of 18 per cent, thanks to a boost in the British, French and Chinese markets.

Marchesa's new line

Marchesa  is reportedly preparing to launch a contemporary line. The British label, known for its red-carpet-worthy, opulent and feminine designs, is said to be completing a deal with LF USA - the US branch of Hong Kong-based investment company Li & Fung.
This would be the second acquisition for LF USA in a matter of weeks, if the WWD rumours come to fruition, after the company  signed a backing deal with New York-based label Vena Cava  earlier this month.
Marchesa would follow in the footsteps of a host of luxury brands that have launched contemporary lines, including Karl Lagerfeld's  Karl; Alice Temperley's  Alice By Temperley; Marc Jacobs'  Marc by Marc Jacobs;  Matthew Williamson's  MW by Matthew Williamson; Alexander McQueen's  McQ; Victoria Beckham's  Victoria, Victoria Beckham; Versace's  Versus; and  Alexander Wang's  T by Alexander Wang.

McQueen and Galliano

Karlie Kloss has spoken about her experiences with two of fashion's biggest names:Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.
"Alexander McQueen once told me before I went out on the runway - I was wearing a dress that was very long and difficult to walk in, and I was concerned the dress was going to get caught on my shoe - 'Don't worry, Karlie; if it does, just take it off and throw it, throw the dress. Remember - YOU own the dress, the dress does not own you!' It was a moment I will never forget."
Her most treasured possession, she admits, is her "Dior bag from John Galliano. He gave it to me after we shot my first campaign with Steven Meisel, and I cried when I opened it. It is the most beautiful, timeless Dior bag. It is such a special reminder of that time in my career; someday I will give it to my daughter."