Where to start on this much anticipated 71 look chanel cruise collection??? Lets start with the show the spectacle that is chanel! The show was held at the palace versailles and it was an elegant and chic affair with the string quartet regal fountains and a selection of the finest orderves and french pastries then the show started and there was an intolerable contrast with Mia's "bad girls" playing along with "that g string track" it was cool fresh and amazingly chic! The grounds made for the prefect backdrop for these fabulous fashions! I think the collection was in a sentence "21st century teenage marie antoinette!" The collection had all the opulent i regal flourishes from the ruffles to the encrusted jeweled looks and also all of those couture details that was totes marie antoinette but there was also a 21st century girl that karl has cleverly created. This modern day teenage princess was rock n roll and rebellious she as a modern street style shoe which i just simply adore its so fab!!!! The metallic funky style shoes creates a young fresh look but i just love how it contrasts with the regal chanel look its styled with!!! The looks had a baroque feel and had such beutiful soft pastel tones which were beautiful to look at! The collection had fabulous pieces that could be very commercial such as all of the fab tweed jackets,the swimsuits and some of the dresses could work really well as work clothes. The collection brightened up an even brighter day and i apologize if this review is complete shit which it is but im a little rusty its been 8 weeks since i've done a show report my last chanel report was over 500 words this garbage is only around 300 but dont you really just love these looks chanel can do no wrong in my eyes and this collection is a prefect reason for why i love chanel its just hard to put into words which is bad for me because thats what im supposed to be doing!
On monday the 14th just in 2 DAYS!! Chanel will show its lavish cruise collection at the gardens of the palace Versailles ( Chanels cruise collection ) and im thrilled with excitement, it is one of my favorite runway shows of the year and it tells me when summer is here! Chanel has sent out there invites witch looks glamourous and regal, illustrated by karl himself! 

Here is a look through the past chanel cruise runway shows just to get everyone excited for mondays show!!!

Chanel cruise 2011/2012

Chanel cruise 2010/2011

Chanel cruise 2009/2010


Out & about new york style

Eva Mendes wore a Jonathan Saunders floral dress and she looks mega chic!
Eva Longoria wore a dress designed by her friend Victoria Beckham and she looks super sexy and sleek in it!
Jessica Biel in a Chanel knitted dress, navy coat and black patent heels looking unbelievable defiantly best dressed out and abouter of the week!
Solange Knowles, wearing a yellow blazer and short black skirt and its fab!!
Florence Welch wearing black cropped trousers and a printed jacket.
Jessica wearing head to toe white looking casual and preppy!
Milla Jovovich wearing a black full-skirted dress, its cute!

 London premiere of Dark Shadows

Chloe again looking major in fab McQ velvet dress fabulously belted and shoes that work perfectly with the look!
Michelle Phiffer in cute satin dress

 Book launch in New York. 

Beyoncé wore a Roland Mouret Galaxy dress

Kicking Trauma Into Touch charity gala in London

Zara Phillips is the second royal in looks of the moment this week wearing fab purple gown with leather clutch
Eva green is smoldering in Tom Ford!
Bella Heathcote in an Emilio Pucci lace dress! So dark shadows!

Launch party in New York. 

Zoe Saldana in white full-skirted dress
The fashion calender is heating up with the met ball tonight cannes film festival next week the resort collections and mens fashion week. The resort season is kick started by chanel cruise collection  on the eve of cannes. It has been always a glamours and fabulous affair! Chanel has disclosed the precise location in the vast garden of versailles for its cruise show next week, and there water involved. It is known as the trois fontaines bosquet,and is one of 15 at versailles and six have been restored. It will be a chic glamourous affair with the models gracefully gliding around these fab fountains at versailles cant wait!!
A dinner celebrating the tribeca film festival artist program 
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OMG i'm going to the met gala red carpet 

Yes its true I'm going to the met gala red carpet and so are you because this year the exclusive and most fab event eva known to fashionistas as "the fashion oscars"  due to its most amazing red carpet who feature Stars of film,fashion,music and society pretty much STARS STARS STARS and no d listers get invited because anna wintour hand picks the very fabulous and very exclusive guest list to THE SOCIAL EVENT OF THE SEASON and now i'm very pleased to say that on may 7th we can be on that red carpet watching the Stars of all Stars walk the red carpet in major gowns. So i was like OMG i can watch the met gala live thats TOTES FAB!!! wat do you think are you having a OMG moment right now???

OMG i love these pants!

So i was looking at the editors picks on net-a-porter and i saw these major Ysl pants and i was like OMG there totes fab there bohemian,easy to wear,so so  so chic in that ysl Moroccan 60s paris way its just so omg but thats just me what do you think?

OMG i love kate!

So Kate middleton wore this fab blue which is so classic royal #royalBlue which is Rebecca taylor which will be like huge for becks because she isn't that big but now Kate's wearing her so becks gonna get a lot of calls in the next 24 hours, so i was like omg i love kate because we dont see her everyday but we like want to and i saw her yesterday and then again today and i was like OMG i love kate because i just like light up when i see her because shes kate and its only 3 DAYS to her 1 year anniversary thats so sweet i will never forget that day that burton gown the regal fabulousness of that whole wedding was unforgettable, to Finnish i like love kate! Do you?

OMG i hate it your at a chanel event!!!

So i was getting my images for my chanel tribeca dinner post today and i saw this image of Aaron Young wearing this hideous ensemble no.1 its denim on denim! no.2 he is looking a bit to much like wolverine with that hair and beard no.3 your at a chanel event did you ever think for a moment to be a little STYLISH! so i was like OMG hells to the no because its a party hosted by chanel and its for the tribeca film fest SO CHIC and your there in that and im not but yet im FAB! Do you hate it?
Fur accents and jewel-box ornamentation at the neck (and therefore drawing attention around the face) were everywhere this season in the form of brooches like those at Bottega Veneta, so deliberately placed that it was hard to tell if they were a separate item or part of the dress, fabulous fur collars , and knit snoods that offered the same idea, but for a more downtown clientele.


Calvin for macy's

Francisco Costa will launch a limited edition collection for Macy's next month, signifying a first- and extensive - foray onto the high street by the American fashion giant.
With price points from $135 (£84.40), to $180 (£112.60), the range will mark the start of the US chain's new spring project - a celebration of all things Brazilian, in a bid to raise money for the Amazon Rainforest. Costa, who was born in Guarani, Brazil, says that the pairing is a perfect fit.
"This fresh, youthful line of dresses reflects both my roots and the modern, yet timeless spirit of Calvin Klein," said Costa.

"Chanel copy"

The "Chanel" suit, worn by Jacqueline Kennedyon the day that President Kennedy was assassinated was a fake  so says Chanel designerKarl Lagerfeld. The bright pink, bouclé skirt suit, which she wore with a pillbox hat, was assumed by all to be by her favourite label  Chanel  but was actually created by American dressmaker Oleg Cassini.
"The first Chanel jacket that I saw - that I knew was Chanel - was on TV," Carine Roitfeldsaid in an interview with the new print edition ofSTYLE.COM, alongside Karl Lagerfeld. "It was on Mrs Kennedy - the pink one."
"In 1963," Lagerfeld clarified, before revealing, "It was a fake, a line-by-line copy by Cassini. She did have real Chanels, her sister ordered them. We have all the proof."

Fashion's battle

  Franca Sozzani has outlined how she plans to use her position to help women battle anorexia. Last year, the Vogue Italia editor launched a petition to close pro-ana websites, online blogs and social network sites that promote anorexia, which has, to-date, attracted 12,000 signatures.
"I will soon launch a provocation to stop such sites," Sozzani said at a talk at Harvard University yesterday. "I will ask for the help of the users themselves. We will set up a chain 'against', since the law is unable to close such sites. Taking the blame is a necessary deed and finding a solution is even more important."
Sozzani, who received France's prestigious Knight of the Legion of Honour earlier this month, also spoke about society's need to fight against obesity - demanding that the food industry take responsibility for its involvement in the issue. Back on the subject of anorexia, she called for the public to make a stand against the promotion of extreme thinness, as well as pro-ana websites.

Creative education

Anya Hindmarch and NET-A-PORTER.COM founder Natalie Massenet are pledging their support for rising entrepreneurs by partnering with the School for Creative Startups - a new project aiding and educating promising businesspeople in the creative industries. Labelled an "MBA for creatives", workshops and surgeries on the year-long courses will be run in a range of fields including fashion, design, performing arts and digital industries.
"I'm supporting the School for Creative Startups because the project's ambition - to boost innovation and the culture of entrepreneurship is something I feel strongly about," said Natalie Massenet. Towards the end of 2010, Hindmarch was enlisted by David Cameron along with Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon  as British Business ambassadors, to offer their contacts and advice to smaller British businesses to help advance their promotion abroad.

Designer brides

Today sees the launch of London-based designer Sophia Kokosalaki's debut bridal collection on Net-A-Porter, and the site's buying team is anticipating a huge reaction from brides-to-be.

Prada Olympics

 Prada will sponsor the Italian national sailing team at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Italian label will supply the athlete's uniforms, as well as the uniforms for the team's technical staff, and its logo will appear on the hulls and sails of all competing boats and team support vessels.

Here are some shots from chanels little black book launch in tokyo which was attended by fashion elite including supermodels,movie stars and even sarah jessica parker!!!

Stella dresses for gold!

Stella McCartney unveiled her Adidas Team GB kit for the London 2012 Olympics this morning in a show at the Tower of London.The collection was modelled by over 30 athletes - from basketball players and footballers to swimmers and paralympic sprinters. McCartney - who was there in person to present the kit - took her inspiration from the Union Jack flag, which adorned each look. Sequinned variations covered leotards, while printed versions came on T-shirts and jackets. 
"The first place to start on a project like this is to look at the Union Jack flag," said McCartney

National recovery

Karl Lagerfeld was in Japan last night - launching Chanel's new book The Little Black Jacket, and showing the label's aeroplane-inspired spring/summer 2012 Haute Couture collection for the second time - and the controversial designer insists that the country's recovery from last year's devastating earthquake is evident in the population's waistlines.
"It's changed a lot but it's changed for the better I think," Lagerfeld said of Japan. "I noticed that people became bigger than before because now they eat more cake and sweets and things like this that they didn't do in the past. There's a real change in the look of the Japanese people. Normally, before, they were all tiny. It's the kind of beauty you get from junk food."

The mouret dress

Roland Mouret has unveiled a limited-edition range of nine dresses to be sold exclusively at Harrods. The offering embraces the season's brightest hues - "I really wanted to use bold colours for the perfect summer time afternoon tea party by the sea," he says - and it seems Mouret is keen to throw the net wide when it comes to his customer.

Sarah Approves                      

Sarah Jessica Parker has written to AnnaSophia Robb - the young actress who will play her most famous character Carrie Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries, a prequel to the Sex And The Cityfranchise, set to be released later this year.
"She sent me a letter! I wrote her one back, too," Robb told Us Weekly  earlier this week. "She was just very encouraging about it all. It was really cool!"
Robb was pictured on set yesterday for the first time since being revealed as the new Carrie, filming with fellow actresses Ellen Wong, who plays Carrie's best friend Jill 'The Mouse' Thompson; and Stefania Owen, who plays Carrie's rebellious younger sister Dorrit.

Apparel idol

Following the announcement that US talent showAmerican Idol has enlisted Tommy Hilfiger as its "image adviser", the show will launch a clothing line with retail giant Kohl's. 
The collection will be designed and produced by an offshoot of LF USA - a global leader in the production of consumer goods - called MESH, which was co-founded by Tommy Hilfiger. The company is also behind the clothing lines associated with American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.