This season derek lam showed a very american sportswear collection featuring lots of fab cool looks for the cool working woman on the go! The show opened with cool plaid looks on fab dresses and tailored suits which set the american sports wear tone also he showed major trench coats in a fab sporty fabric which I thought were great cool and retroish looking spring outer wear pieces! Really what I was loving most in this collection were the major cool midriff looks!!! It was the derek lam sporty girl taking a cooler downtown arty look! 
The fashion world is known stop and everyday there is a new scandal hitting the headlines of fashionable publications including lamaisonmme this is now a daily feature on the blog so enjoy all the latest gossip!!!!

Lam says his goodbyes to tods!!!!

Derek lam has been a designer on the rise since the start of the 21st century and in 2006 one year after his CFDA fashion fund win he took on his second label tods today it has now been confirmed that he is leaving his post at the company as creative director. Tods never was the most talked about brands it was mainly luxury leather goods which achieved publicity this year with new face of the brand anne hathaway. Derek was never very vocal in this position and quietly designed cute accessories that appealed to the masses he is now leaving the brand after 6 years as creative director!!! He now joins the list of designers that are leaving there positions this one may not be as dramatic as raf,galliano or stefano but still is an interesting story derek will of course continue to succeed with his more popular apparel line which has given him mass popularity(excusing this season in my opinion 

Kaching for kors       

A few months ago michael kors made $1.2 billion (£800 million) on the stock exchange after putting his 30 year old company for sale. The $1.2 billion dollars went directly to Michael himself and other business associates and michael still holds the majority shares could it get any better YES!!! Michael plans to make another $25 million on the stock exchange Which can only mean good things for michael. The company at the moment has an estimated value of 3 billion making it one of the largest fashion brands in america but it still has some catching up to do with the european power houses like louis vuitton who has estimated value of $80 billion dollars the richest fashion brand in the world which is run by LVMH who collectively own several top brands like dior,celine etc and are trying to buy hermes. All this makes michael seem quite small but he certainly isn't that as all these billions of dollars are in his personal bank account and is one of the worlds most acclaimed designer putting on a fab show every season!!!!

Marc loves the kids                          

Marc jacobs received quite the backlash when he broke the CFDAS rules and hired two underage models who were just 14! He has spoken out several times defending himself and here are his latest comments he told life magazine "you have child actors and children who model for catalogues, whats the difference between doing commercial for peanut butter and being on a runway" marc makes a good argument and i think there was nothing wrong with him choosing two 14 year olds i love that these girls at just 14 are beautifully enough to walk in a MARC JACOBS SHOW one of the magical highlights of new york fashion they should be celebrated not criticized i would do anything to have walked in that show. But WHAT DO YOU THINK???? please comment or tweet me your opinions

Derek Lams fall show feature a series of fabulous winter white moments and derek played also with black leather this season embellishing and printing on it. The collection showed a varied amount of red and black leathers, floarl prints, and fabulous winter whites. The collection opened with series of sweet prints on black leather and simple shirt dresses and progressed into flatering winter whites. the collection ended with to repititive looks one in black one in white they both had a knit jumper and a long and flowing skirt that was so pretty. There were also more simple whit