Dries van notens latest collection was inspired by a trip to london he took and he was influenced by a museum exhibition which he shows in his prints, he say there were all made in london print and made in paris, there was also worldly aspect to this collection there was fabulous french tailoring ancient chinese prints and utilitarian aspects in cool jackets,pants and coats. The pants were something to look at some were well tailored and skinny and the others were more interesting ballon pants which had a very industrial feel and arty feel. The colors were light and dark pretty clean whites with blue and orange tone prints then there was the darker military greens. There was great diverse pieces in this collection all with a well tailored security so any dries customer can pull them off. The furs were so major at one point i said randomly "fur fetish". So the collection was very classicaly tailored with diverse worldly prints inspired by a trip to london and also overall a diverse and well round collection of great pants,jackets,boots,coats,dresses and major FURS!!!