Joanna Coles editor in chief of Marie Claire for past 8 years, one time reality tv star and of course are occasional project runway judge,mentor and one time client is involved in the next shake up Which is the biggest of the year so far! By the way all these shake ups are really giving me major head ache! 2012 will totes be known as the year that wouldn't stand still! So back to topic Joanna Coles is leaving Marie Claire for Cosmopolitan! Really she must have gotten major salary boost cause I would never have left marie claire one of the top intl fashion mags ( even though i never read it and kinda of mock it for being like so insignificant and dosnt compare with vogue,elle and the baazar!) for cosmopolitan! So this leaves us with a vacant position at marie claire and an unemployed former editor of cosmopolitan! Heres there statement "(coles) great success in television and social media, her sharp instinct about women and what they want, and her experience working on a global brand make her an ideal choice for the editor role of cosmo," just as i was typing that statement i thought wonder what nina will do with joanna then I thought omg Nina should totes be editor! then maybe i'll take nina's job ;)
Another week another scandalous Karl Lagerfied comment, and this time involving Pippa Middleton! What he had to say was quite bitchy as always, he allegedly said "kate middleton has a nice silhouette and she is the right girl for that boy. I like that kind of woman, I like romantic beauties. On the other hand, her sister struggles. I don't like the sister's face. She should only show her back" so basically karl loves everything bout kate and thinks Pippa is ugly but has a nice bum! Don't know if I agree with Karl on this one cause Im totes in love with pippa and I can sort of get what he means about her face because at times it doesn't look good but most of the time she's fabulously styled and looks totes stunning, her look is so "London Posh Girl" and i'm totes in love with that! I always take much pleasure in reading Karls quotes if he published a book of them totes gonna be best seller ;)                                          
Finally a reason to watch the absolute cheese feast that gives me such a headache, GLEE! I never watch it due to the amount of cringe it cause's me but now that the one the only Sarah Jessica Parker one of my fav style icons is making a cameo as the editor of I will be certainly tuning in. But theres more not only will SJP be in Glee as the editor of i mean could it get better? Well the greatest woman like eva, Anna Wintour will be styling her!!!!! :O So yes this is major deal! The character is described as being "sort of frazzled,eccentric and hilarious" how fab does that sound! This news as really got me totes excited and cant believe im saying that I cant wait for glee which will be airing in september 13th so I may have to wait a while before watching due to fashion season, glee certainly isn't a priority ;)
Today in several iconic london statues are getting quite the fab headwear make over from some of London's most acclaimed milliners including the amazing Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones to name but a few! All together there are 21 milliners that have given headwear makeovers to these statues. The campaign launches today so if your in london be sure to instagram or tweet a statue wearing a whimsical hat! 
Of course we all now there is a lot of money in fashion it is a multi billion dollar industry, but how rich are the people who own it? WWD has published a list of the top paid US fashion Ceo's in 2011. It seems that the cheaper brands have higher salaries especially anything related to J.C Penney! Though we do see two familiar faces there Ralph Lauren and Reed Krakoff making quite the considerable amount! I cant imagine that being my daily income its quite marvelous, Ron Johnson No.1 makes over 145,000 dollars everyday and thats a whole lot of shoes!

1. Ron Johnson, ceo, J.C. Penney
Total 2011 Pay: $53,281,505

2. Michael Jeffries, chairman and CEO, Abercrombie & Fitch
Total 2011 Pay: $48,069,473

3. Neil Cole, president and CEO, Iconix
Total 2011 Pay: $37,424,782

4. Ralph Lauren, chairman and CEO, Ralph Lauren
Total 2011 Pay: $36,325,782

5. Mark Parker, CEO and president, Nike
Total 2011 Pay: $35,212,678

6. Myron E. “Mike” Ullman 3rd, former chairman and CEO, J.C. Penney
Total 2011 Pay: $34,561,322

7. Michael Kramer, chief operating officer, J.C. Penney
Total 2011 Pay: $33,370,607

8. Reed Krakoff, president and executive creative director, Coach
Total 2011 Pay: $21,188,980

9. Daniel Walker, chief talent officer, J.C. Penney
Total 2011 Pay: $20,201,219

10. Gregg Steinhafel, chairman, president and CEO, Target
Total 2011 Pay: $19,707,107
After many weeks of gossip and speculation Gisele is offically pregnant! She was photographed on the beach playing with her child and dog and what was she wearing? A silver bikini revealing to the whole world her very pregnant belly! With all eyes on Gisele at the moment lets take a look a her style evolution! 
Say hello to fall's new it eyewear, the McQueen visors the elaborate futuristic head piece or eye wear item are officially coming to stores near you. McQueen will be selling them online and in stores for the price of £270. Usually an avant garde runway spectacle like this wouldn't really make it to stores but McQueen has shocked us with this news, i may not be buying these but i will be going to McQueen trying them on and taking many fun pics! 
Tonight Karl Lagerfield will be unveiling his olympic pop up collection that will be on sale at seldfriges and will surely be some fashionistas olympic wardrobe for sure! I have a very small sneak little peak of 3 fab pieces featuring cool jacket,killer skinny print jeans and the signature karl collar sequenced of course! So far they look very rock n roll and totes glam but i cant really see the olympics except for the golden sequence collar! Im sure when the rest of the collection will be unveiled there will be the karl glove and prob several little black dresses much like his net a porter collection but a slightly different color and textile theme! Items range from £95 to £325 which is quite reasonable :D
To build excitement and anticipation for the september 13th launch of Carine Roitfields new editorial venture CR her new magazine!!! This image is a little taster of the magazine. Model Julitet Ingleby walks dramatically through a cemetery covered by a fab flowing purple veil (practically nude) followed by 3 dark looking minions and it looks fab fab fab and is so so so Carine, I really cant wait to see more!  

Lana Del Rey the girl that has taken the fashion world by storm!!! With a vogue cover and a darling mulberry bag named after her she has made her impact on the world of fashion and now she is taking it to the next level being made the new face of H&M as rumors said! This is lanas first modeling gig and is quite an achievement when you think that this time last year she was inexistent in the world of fashion and now we are totes obsessed with her! I remember the first time i heard her, it was the dior spring couture collection back in january next week i bought her album and listened for months! Its really a big deal see will be the face of the fall and winter collections and has also made a movie :D Lana is such an obsession of my'n i cant wait for something new of hers and hopefully she will get a american vogue cover soon cause she is perfect for it :o maybe the september issue or march that would just be to exciting!!!