One of fashions favorite things is fashion ads and i have lots to show you and dont forget this is only part 1 ;) Here is a selection of the good the bad and the strange but we all love it be sure to see most of these in your August issues soon and expect a whole lot in your september issue, August is the first issue were all the new ads are released so its just as entertaining as looking at the fab editorials but before the august issues i have a whole lot of fab ads to look at and here is the first batch of them :D Which is your fav? Me personally could not chose but i die for kate in ferragomo,the jason wu ad and stella tennet in givenchy is major omg also Lindsey in Mulberry i adore mulberries adds!!!
One thing couture week will always give you are the most stunning red carpet gowns, that make for a magical stand out moment for any star. Here is my selection of stunning red carpet gowns that I witnessed at couture, enjoy :D


Lana is wearing a custom altuzarra gown and CAPE. When i saw her i screamed "OMG LANA IN A CAPE,LANA IN A CAPE!!" the cape was a trend on the met steps this year with 4 fab invitees supporting them. Lanas was the best. I do love here cape but if she removed it there you have a stunning silver gown which is top 5 material!!! But i love lana her cape,gown and fabulous lips get her to no.10! Love her music and style!


Eva Mendes is number 9 wearing a custom prada gown which she looks stunning in. It was one of my fav color choices of the night it was something different which i like at the met and it suited her skin tone (that may sound racist) Miuccia designed and selected this dress just for eva which i think makes it even faber.


Coca rocha made and impression!!! Here hair was most talked about and i think it goes perfectly with her vintage look. I cant express in words how this look is so fab. Its vintage givenchy and was once owned by the legendary ELIZABETH TAYLOR who is one of the most fab women of all time. It screams vintage and 50s prom which is perfect because the met is fashions prom love that yellow and that pink is everything!!!!


Here we see another star in another custom prada love it!!! This was one of my fav custom prada gowns its perfect for jessica. Firstly i love Jessica's hair, next i love the length of the dress the fabric silhouette and fab green print its so fabulous i couldn't take my eyes of her on the red carpet!


Mia wasikowska is the new face of miuccias miu miu and such a title gives her such privileges as attending the met gala for the first time in custom prada. The gowns minimal with the most fab black embellishments in the perfect places i especially love that color it adds youth and mia into the dress! Its heavenly chic i love the color its stature, its youthfulness and its OMG moment quality which is hard to explain!!

Top 5!!


Carey mulligan is also part of the mets biggest trend CUSTOM PRADA GOWN!!! This one is certainly special as it differs from the rest not have the signature prada and miu miu fall embellishment seen on all the custom gowns. It was the first gown on the carpet i said omg!!! Its gold gold gold another trend from the gala and has fabulous sequence scales!! The fresh and fab silhouettes is pleasing and so is careys hair!! This look in one phrase embodies the event!!


Rooney Mara is simply chic. She is supporting a very big trend for fall which was actually started by her DARK ROMANCE. The gown has such a gothic and romantic presence and ricardo designed it to suit rooney exactly. Rooney is fashions muse at the moment and is especially givenchys ricardo so this whole look is perfect!!!


Supermodel Anja Rubik knows how to work this dress!!! Its an Anthony vaccerllo my favorite new designer who is all about the women's body and sexuality doing this through fab cut outs. This dress has cut outs and slips in all the right areas this is something only a supermodel could pull of and SHE CERTAINLY DOES THAT. Its sexy,chic and will be an iconic met image because its so met ball and i adore it!!!


I think one of the most iconic images for the met gala from the past 5 years is Tom and Gisele always looking impecable this year they have done it again getting the number 2 spot. She is wearing a major Givenchy its chic sexy and fab choice for gisele. It's construction and fit makes her looking stunning i think see is one of the most deserable woman in the world and this dress heightens why. Its just Classic Gisele and tom which is perfect was an OMG moment!!!


It was 8.30 the carpet was over and it was amazing i was on such a high but i said to myself i wish beyonce would have been there. Then when i arose this met tuesday morning to see the medias reaction it was beyonce on the front of every headline she was an absolute sensation. I love love love that see made sure all eyes where on her she was the only one on the carpet because everyone else was inside and it was such a moment she knows how to create a media buzz! She is the most beautiful woman in the world and she was the most beautiful and BEST DRESSED woman at the met!!! First lets talk about the dress, its givenchy its sheer covered with embellishments and the most amazing feathers its couture overload. You may remember halle berrys worst dressed givenchy purple gown at the oscars 2 years ago this dress is from that same collection only beyonce knows how to make it work at the oscars of red carpet the oscars is  nothing compared to the met and this dress is the dress of all dresses its high fashion something that would only work at the met and it most certainly did that out of over 800 party guest all eyes were on beyonce!!! She had a baby just months ago and look at her body just look at it in this dress UNBELIEVABLE!!! Is she human! Finally i love the black and purple tones on the dress and that it covers her all the way up to her fingers i have never seen that on a red carpet and  i love it maybe beyonce will start a new red carpet trend!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT  and will be iconic met look for years to come!!!!
Furs were patchworked, collaged, and constructed in new, youthful ways that reenergized and reintroduced the idea of the fur coat to a new generation of women. And when it wasn’t full-on, it was an accent—whether as a detachable collar or trimming a sleeve, hem, or pocket.
Here is the kate moss editorial that will feature in next months vogue is  you want to wait to see it on the fabulous papers of vogue look away NOW. The editorial features the major spring couture collection worn stunningly by the fabulous kate ENJOY! fashion editor grace coddington!
"Life imitates art"
Kate wears the most stunning red dior couture gown gracefully imitating the art behind her
“I drink the French 76: vodka, sugar, lemon juice topped up with champagne; it’s the best drink ever, but it only tastes like that in the Hemingway Bar,”
Kate lounges in the imperial suite surronding by chanel boxes wearing the imperial CHANEL!
A chillingly beautiful vintage looking shot kate wearing GIVENCHY gown and JEWELRY which is to die for
"ladies in waiting" all wearing marie antoinette inspired valentino couture in the imperial suite
culinary delight
The best service in all of france!
"sleeping beauty" kate is so glamourous in this sequence armani
a fabulous view from the top!
How doset love a good monthly fashion magazine and how dosent judge a book by it cover. Here are some of the hottest front covers of april 


Jilo look super fab on the cover of the annual shape issue last year it was rhianna now its jilo who has certainly made a major comeback and is now once again one of the biggest stars in the world maybe even bigger than rhianna. And the red dress is super sexy and these is a fab cover shot by testino!!!! Im very interested in "fashion forecast" also jens story about divorce motherhood and looking fabulously fit!!!

Vogue uk                                   

The fabulous sienna miller covers the april vogue in a very cute stella mc cartney the issue is title "fresh start" which is refreshing and lets you know its all about the new season sienna talks about her pregnancy which is a very juicy cover story and the cover tells us about some great tips like"the best new flats" or "45 wonder buys" i know i will be interested to see the vogue editors spring pics so far the cover is a great start the refreshing blue background with that amazing stella dress makes for a great cover!!!


This elle cover is one or two of my favorites this april its mary kate and ashley olsen on a fold out cover with only major pictures if them first is Ashley wearing a fabulous blue prada coat and she shows off those wonderful eyes beautifully, then theres mary kate in heavenly gold sequence cavalli looking like an unconventional movie star looking simple amazing i will definitely be buying this elle to she more great shots of my two fav girls wearing fabulous designers(note the cover is all milan designers)

Vogue japan               

Any one who knows me could tell you im the biggest fan of kate moss and thats why i love seeing her on the cover of vogue! She is wearing the dress she closed the spring 2012 vuitton show in and again makes a "sweet" statement with it. The title of the issue is "sweet & exotic" so how better to put on the cover that kate moss in fabulous vuitton 

vogue Australia   

This cover is fun upbeat and very vogue Australia. The look is fun miss matched prints and a 80s boy george hat with an emphases on the fabulous nails. it is very "free spirit" 

DAZED  & confused       

Ok this is clearly the most visually bold and visually intriguing cover featuring hundreds of thousands of pounds of givenchy couture jewelry also featuring one of this newest and interesting models on the scene!! Dazed is always breaking the mold and making something graphic and new and right away  i want to see more of this fabulous shot!!!!!

Harpers Bazaar          

Omg i didn't think harpers bazaar could top the anthony vaccellro/gyneth paltrow cover but cate blancett in a fabulously tailored minimalist tuxedo vest jacket with major chain necklace and very elegant hair has done that. The first thing i think when i see this cover is CHIC!!! then SLEEK then ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! So this is one of my fav covers and again will be jumping to get this issue and Opulent vs minimal which way will you play????
Givenchy this season played with riding wear and equestrianism! The collection had strong tailoring which showed how sleek and precision these women are. The collection played with masculinity and femininity that created a very strong women who was very dark. The strong black and red leather looks were very strong and had a very seductive side. The looks were all equestrian from the leather riding boots  to the silk tight pants with a very fitted blazer very regal and equestrian. The equestrian theme has be very strong throughout the season and givenchy took it to a darker level!!! Each look broken down included the most fabulous pieces a women will dye for this fall especially the tailored coats, silk pants, fabulous tailored jackets and the leather items which can look incredible chic broken down into everyday life(of course a fashionistas everyday life) There were quite seductive lingerie like soft dresses with delicate pleats which seemed out of place amongst the strong tailoring but they brought a softness and femininity to the collection but yet it was still quite dark. The givenchy women this fall is several major trend and i feel like i have wrote these points over and over again eg dark,strong,great tailoring, and equestrian so with givenchy you cant go wrong trend wise next fall! trend or no trend this collection is still seriously a major strong collection with stand out moments which will be fabulous to see next fall!
MONDAY sees the return of Couture Fashion Week for spring/summer 2012, and with them comes another couture return: Atelier Versace. Donatella hasn't showcased anywhere but the red carpet since January 2004. After Versace's opener, the day sees a mix of the old and new of the couture world take to the catwalk. Two of the fashion house's newest additions; Alexis Mabille and Giambattista Valli, show on Monday; as does one of couture's institutions - Christian Dior - still with Bill Gaytten at the helm. Only his second collection since taking over as creative director, it could scarcely receive a more robust critical panning than his first, but his ready-to-wear line in October fared much better, so perhaps summer is his season.
Tuesday brings out the big guns: chanel, givenchy  and giorgio armani Privé - as well as couture's "Modern Knight", Stéphane Rolland, who promises his show's bride will be a surprise worth waiting for.
Valentino and Jean Paul Gaultier promise to thrill us on Wednesday: with fun, frivolity and fabulous models . One thing is for sure: when dresses that cost more than a house are worn by the world's most beautiful women the pictures are always worth a look
. I  can barely contain myself with excitementt!! you can see all the magic unfold here quite a big task for the first few days of my blog but i think i will survive and show beautiful gowns and parisenne street style. also the couture shows means partys hosted by valentino or chanel defiantly the chicest time of the year.

As we speak the paresinne ateliars are busy with fittings and finishing touches , fashionistas are being flown from all round the world to see the shows and to look great on the front rows and at the parties.