Yesterday was the second day of london fashion week and there were lots of fab collections on show! 
My fav of the day was obvi house of holland it was totes fab grunge glamour LOVED! 
The day also had lots of other collections which pleased my palette Dion Lee an NAUIC (New and up in coming) designer showed a fab fresh cool collection in which he infused sports wear with a sci fy avant garde edge and was quite the major show!
(Pictured far left)
Another fav of mine is also a fav of the Middleton sisters, ISSA. The collection was colorful,elegant,free sort of a beautiful tropical goddess! I loved the beautiful head pieces and fab flowing printed bright gowns, could certainly see Kate wear some of this on vaca, there very appropriate for a duchess! (Pictured center) 
Then Finally there was Moschino cheap&Chic which was as it usually is fun,quirky and a little flirty the look was sort of 70s meets modern sportiness with lots of fun pineapples ;) (pictured far right)
Also in day two John Rochas showed fab elegant and beautiful pretty looks plus some fab head pieces which I wouldn't mind seeing at ascot, Holly Fulton showed lots of bright fun quirk and prints of retro nudes and pretty light blues plus fashion east showed us fabulous sequenced animal items including sequenced bat trench also lots of cray cray fun bold prints!
For spring the house of holland girl got a little moody and went all grunge on us! It was all about the 90s this season which henry has called "the forgotten era" and this collection is the "glory" of the 90s! Grunge Glamour was the theme of the show it was that moody 90s girl who had cray fizzy hair and wore beanies and pilgrim which boots henry glamed all this up he bejeweled the hats and made them totes desirable and cool, made the friz hair cool and fab and made those shoes in a fabulous metallic! The clothes were printed,shiny,90s,cool and very henry holland! I loved all the fab printed looks in electrifying cool grunge colors and silhouettes gave them a little attitude this season! There were as at every show this season major sheer and midriff moments! I was totes in love love love with the major multi colored tie dye jacket!!! It was super cool colorful and fab for that cool major girl! I expect to see much variations in top shop next season, I think most of this collection will be in topshop next season its totes there look which is cool fresh a little grunge very cool and a little quirky! Loved how Henry did the grunge look it was fresh fun and really cool and im dying for tie dies and bejeweled beanies!!!