The invite to the jean paul glutier show was a pice of litter which had urban street look that pretty much was what this collection was. Cool graffiti art was major in this collection it created that classic street look there were also vibrant colors which had the ethinic vibe. The collection was a fun mix of urban and tailored sleek, there were fab tailored suits,velvet gowns, sleek leather fab vibrant furs it was the two worlds meeting that was so interesting about this collection. You can clearly see this in several looks for example a black graffiti print dress worn with cute and tailored brown coat!!! There were a lot of great separates in this collection cute tailored jackets,fab print dresses,major vibrant furs and sleek velvet looks all very appealing to any customer including me!!! Probably one of my favorite and most wearble gultier collections i have seen in a while i mean i have never said i need that before at a gultier show now i want everything!!!!! especially those furs!!!!! So this collection was all about contrast which worked really well and am pleased to see what's next!!!