Rankins New book, Rankins Potraits features top models like Kate moss and Hedi klum to hollywood stars like Emma Watson and Colin Frith! Emma Watsons playful fun portrait is my fav and I also dye for eva green smothered in green feathers and of course my fav person on this planet Kate Moss, I think I  will print that on a canvas and frame it it would look perfect on my clean crisp white wall that is in need of much art kate would be perfection, omg just had the idea of making that whole wall the kate wall,just filled with pics of kate! It would be totes amaze!!!!! This is only a small exclusive preview of Rankins new book for all the major portraits we all we need to buy this book which is going to be the totes next must have coffee table item!
Rag&Bone is the brand on the major rise! The company is now infamous for cool downtown looks and is a fav amongst many during the new york fashion week calender though now the brand is coming home and spring collection will be shown in london which is so on trend right now stella McCartney and McQueen both came back to london to show! Now for there first major campaign shot in london featuring my fav person eva Kate Moss!!! Who is also probably the greatest british super model known to man! (Sorry Naomi) She looks effortless and very cool with minimal make up and amazingly cool effortless hair which is stunning! Kate is totes rocking it on the london streets in this campaign, this is kates 3rd campaign for fall she also stars in the fab Ferragamo campaign and denim brand Liu Jo so Kate has totes still got it! So there first campaign is very london,very relaxed and super cool as is everything rag&bone do! 
One of fashions favorite things is fashion ads and i have lots to show you and dont forget this is only part 1 ;) Here is a selection of the good the bad and the strange but we all love it be sure to see most of these in your August issues soon and expect a whole lot in your september issue, August is the first issue were all the new ads are released so its just as entertaining as looking at the fab editorials but before the august issues i have a whole lot of fab ads to look at and here is the first batch of them :D Which is your fav? Me personally could not chose but i die for kate in ferragomo,the jason wu ad and stella tennet in givenchy is major omg also Lindsey in Mulberry i adore mulberries adds!!!
So im back from my little break and heres whats been happening even though you have all prob heard about it, Valentino was officially announced as sold which was rumored and is now official, Vera Wang and her husband are getting divorced but he will remain working at her company which could be awkward! Kate Moss is staring in George Michaels new music video to soon be released which i can not wait for, shes is going to totes rock that vid! Rag&Bone downtown new york favs are returning to there native england and will be showing at london fashion week this september so once again London fashion week gets even stronger really its pretty major i remember when it was bore and was a 5 day vacation between new york and milan but now im obsessed with every thing London fashion week! Ralph Lauren was criticized for making the american Olympics uniforms in the very unpatriotic land of China. My fav highstreet brand (Actually my second fav im kind of in love with zara right now!!) Topshop is making it big in america as it will launch in NordStroms from september so its really major topshop has hit the fashion big times! Gaga has been knocked off the number one spot of the top 10 under 30 forbes list and the sweet fab taylor swift has swooped in under all those fabulous rich young people and is now the richest of all of them closely followed by justin bieber who would have thought! Gaga and justin seem to be more internationally popular?? Finally the fabulous Rihanna will be taking another step into fashion design as she is design a collection for another fav highstreet store of my'n River Island! Im sure that collection will be cool,current and very sexy ;) 

Versace Couture show


Its Kate Moss and Jamie Hince's first wedding anniversary this weekend <3<3  Lets take a look back at that fab wedding day!!!

Royal Ascot

EMMA STONE! (spider man 3 stuff)

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Emporio Armani Summer Garden Live party

Critics Choice television awards

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Super models there the most beautiful people in the world, they live the life of paris,london,milan and new york, its parties,photo shoots and runway life isn't easy much people think being a model is easy its not but life is great now just wait for you to hear how rich they are! Gisele Bunchen is the worlds highest earning and richest model and has like the longest legs ever! The brazilian star who has been named the richest model for 6 years in a row so her life is pretty prefect, prefect husband,perfect job,perfect baby and maybe one more coming and a fortune of $45 million so i am of course totes jealous!!! Then there is my kate my absolute fav model who has earnings of $8.6 million which is shockingly lower than gisele and kate does like do more work but gisele has so much campaigns this season like versace,pantene espririt etc!! But kate is still earning a lot! In third place is Natalia vodianova who is simply the most major!! She is one of the most beautiful models ever!! who has earnings of $8.6 million which is not far of my kate:O in forth Adriana Lima with $7.3 million and doutzen kroes at fize with $6.9 million. Most of these models are not doing 25 catwalks a season they are the legends the SUPERMODELS! there living the dream!!!


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That hilarious and absolutely fabulous british sit com abfab or its prop title absolutely fabulous which is what you say to yourself as you are watching it. Its been on for years taking long breaks always coming back relevant and fab it captures fabulousness  its practically its definition! Love it so much and its making movie i know totes shocked face but wait guess who jen saunders thinks should be in it my fav timeless super-super model KATE MOSS!!!! The superst super model eva!! I love her to bits she is fab and she would make the prefect cameo! The film is all about eddie and pats going to the french riviera not only dosnt it sound abfab but sounds also very chic and very glamours kate would be the perfect fit for this film! 
Heres kate in making apperence in funny video for sports relief sooo fun "pastsy,pats,pat,pup" lol also kate how fab is she but really pats is funniest thing ever love her!!