Enjoy part 2 of the fab fall ads that will soon be all over are fashion mags and internet side bars! My favs are louis Vuitton,Prada,Kenzo and d squared there epic,chic and very editorial everything i want in a fashion ad ;D 
I think the coolest,fun and youthful set award goes to the kenzo show for totally redesigning a collage outside of paris into vibrant colorful fast pace so cool set. The models all came down by escalator suddenly getting everyones attention. The clothes put a smile on everyones faces as they were simple so much FUN!!! The idea was interiors thats were most of the prints came from but also the collection was totally old meets new it was the old kenzo meeting the new age youthful kenzo putting that fun spin on some classic and so kenzo looks like the tiger sweaters!!!! which i thing will be one of the IT sweaters for fall 2012 much like the givenchy dog print sweater was this year last fall!!! The clothes had a rich texture and had a layered effect which did remind my of the old kenzo!!! Knits and tailoring met in this collection to create really youthful and most of all cool and vibrant looks cool. vibrant,fun and youthful are the keywords for this collection!!! The knits were my favorite pieces they were so casual and relaxed with that cool vibrant look> I also loved the fruity prints and sporty pieces. All round fun!!! and really the best (even though its only the designers second collection) i've seen from the new kenzo!!!!! Gonna be really major next fall!!!