Lana Del Rey the girl that has taken the fashion world by storm!!! With a vogue cover and a darling mulberry bag named after her she has made her impact on the world of fashion and now she is taking it to the next level being made the new face of H&M as rumors said! This is lanas first modeling gig and is quite an achievement when you think that this time last year she was inexistent in the world of fashion and now we are totes obsessed with her! I remember the first time i heard her, it was the dior spring couture collection back in january next week i bought her album and listened for months! Its really a big deal see will be the face of the fall and winter collections and has also made a movie :D Lana is such an obsession of my'n i cant wait for something new of hers and hopefully she will get a american vogue cover soon cause she is perfect for it :o maybe the september issue or march that would just be to exciting!!!