Maison Martin Margiela is that show at paris fashion week that has you scratching your head it plays with shapes and creates unique abstract silhouettes it AVANT GARDE FASHION! So its collabing with H&M a commercial highstreet store??? Well H&M have collabed with everyone from lanvin to marni to versace those are the most recent, h&m's collabs are loved in the world of high fashion they create frenzies they create a fun fab few weeks of excitement rush!! A h&m high end collab is like the beetles coming to town swarms of budget fashionistas and those girls who just need everything thats in "im wearing maison martin margiela for h&m" she would say then look down on you and hold her head proud knowing she has a major it item! So love collabs now lets talk about margiela and h&m #totesUnique it would be very cool and creative but is "just rumored" but please be true i haven't been apart of a fashionista mob since versace for h&m!!! 

For the second time this paris fashion week the corporate women came out to play!!! We also had seen this women  at balenciaga and now masion martin margiela has as always distorted the image of this women,this is a collection that made you think twice about what your looking at! The show opened with strong and powerful tailored suites with the hard and soft effect hard tailoring soft silk blouse, then there were the fabulous coats in black and camel very 90s corporate women unlike the 80s we have seen at balenciaga! There were mens style flats,blazers,and white shirts. Then there were the more confusing looks that covered the mouth!!! This is a threatening image in my eyes and i think it shows the women's threatning success and power!!! The collection finished with evening looks silk mismatched print gowns maybe resembling a mans tie and pleat un even skirts graphic and bold images. Collection created bold image and powerful menswear corporate women's looks!!!