One of fashions favorite things is fashion ads and i have lots to show you and dont forget this is only part 1 ;) Here is a selection of the good the bad and the strange but we all love it be sure to see most of these in your August issues soon and expect a whole lot in your september issue, August is the first issue were all the new ads are released so its just as entertaining as looking at the fab editorials but before the august issues i have a whole lot of fab ads to look at and here is the first batch of them :D Which is your fav? Me personally could not chose but i die for kate in ferragomo,the jason wu ad and stella tennet in givenchy is major omg also Lindsey in Mulberry i adore mulberries adds!!!
Moschino showed a fun a colourful collection as always with fun and easy pieces . The collection was very colourful featuring reds,blues and pinks. There were simple white,black,red coats also some ski sporty looks ad also military aspect but in the funniest way. There were fun military capes in bright blue and pink!!!! There were fun headpieces includeing black bows and cow boy hats!!! The collection was even more simple this fall showing simple ready to wear looks any girl would find fun and cute!!!!
Moschino cheap chic's shows theme was make up or as it says on the t shirt of the final look "make up your life". The collection was fun quirky and youthful!!! The collection mainly feature cute makeup print dresses,knits,quirky lace,bright pleat skirts,multi colored furs and a little bit of that girly pink sequence!!!!The collection featured a lot of feminine brights yellow,pinks etc. The accessories were cute specially those fur hats. So make up your life with this as always fun cheap and chic collection there's some great cute pieces in the collection and don't forget its CHEAP!!!