NYFW is over and so is its fab original street style the fashion world has moved to london along with its street style! So lets take one last fab look at the major new york style! 
Shot by tommyton
Its over, those 8 busiest day's of the year for all of us fashionistas has ended and what a major beyond belief 8 days its been!!! There were trends galore and so many fab fashion shows you could barely keep track! We laughed,Victoria Cried and at the end of it all we are left with a scandalous lawsuit that teaches us not to mess with the french oh wait who is being sued for $1 million in this story (  btw if u havnt heard of this story have you been living under rock??? So its time for the zac posen show and the fire marshall says that they have to get rid of 60 seats which is major disaster so one P.R girl had the crisis of nyfw and had to tell 60 people sorry but we dont have a seat for you so one cray french editor how was here with her mother friends family etc and was told that there was not room for any of them so long story short she slapped the P.R Girl and said what was surly the one liner of nyfw "DONT MESS WITH THE FRENCH  BITCH" 2 days later yeah ure being sued!). There were lots of trends one of my favs was not about the clothes it was who was wearing them! Yes this new york fashion week I have never seen so much "former" a term I use loosely as most are still working but not on the catwalk, models before!!! It started at Jason Wu and ended at marchesa many old american favs there was Carolyn murphey,Naoimi Campbell, Coca Rocha, Liberty Ross,Angela Lindvall,Hilary Rhoda and many more which my tiny brain cannot remember!  So What were my NYFW HIGHLIGHTS??? Well on first thoughts my top shows were.....in no particular order, Jason Wu,Rag&Bone,Prabel,Wang,Altuzarra,Rodarte,MARC JACOBS,narcisco rodrigeuz,michael kors and proenza shouler!
So what about trends??? Well to put it loosely over all minimalism is king and the print seems to be on its death bed we will see how this progresses over europe maybe prints can make a steady recovery, Effortless easy dressing is totes in right now so no powersuits etc its relaxed flowing,softly tailored street cool and easy plus sporty!, 60s is a trend even through only saw it at like 3 shows but they were 3 shows who made a major statement and I see this maybe being this season theme! Sheer has certainly been delighting me over the nyfw runways I dont believe you could have watched a collection in nyfw and not see some form of sheer!!! This was the same for lace and leather they just saturated the runways!!! BUT WE LOVE SHEER,LACE AND LEATHER SATURATION please lets keep it coming! One other them and idea of fashion for spring was popping out and im naming this trend 50 SHADES OF GREY yes this seems to have actually happened and how could it not isnt it like the biggest selling book of all time something that socially happening right now isnt supposed to show up over are runways??? So yes its happened and may keep happening SEX HAS INVADED THE RUNWAY!!!! Now lets talk colors there were many colors appearing on the runways this NYFW lets break them down to trends! First was White wash every were you looked a show opened with around 5 white looks they were mostly minimalist and what i called "clean" but even in the very unminimalist collection you still got white,white,white and more white! Then white also once again has a little friend and as always its black yes black and white have dominated the runways again!!! at what time did they not??? maybe pre chanel! So now the color combo of nyfw isnt white and black but.......GREEN AND YELLOW! We have also been seeing so much nudes,Minty icy blues,TANGERINE ORANGE! and fabulous pastel and bright popping pinks :D 

So covered highlights,trends and some of the scandals well that means thats it NYFW is over and by tomorrow the blog will be London that and London this so Au Revoir NYFW you were cray but I died see you in February were once again a time for me to tear my hair out like cray :D Oh the joys of fashion!
Last season proenza was kind of my fav show of new york and this season after another major series of collections in around 12mins they once again rose to the top instantly really They are the Kings of New York fashion week and we really must bow down to them!!! This season they showed in the more intimate and cool industrial setting with hyper cool surroundings and NYFW's best frow so far including Jessica Chastin,Kate Bosworth yes we have seen them every were this season but then it was topped of by the major florence welch in fab proenza dress including all the frow legends Anna Wintour,Anna Dello Russo carine roitfield etc! With much anticipation the show opened to cool music and fab fab fab fab beyond cool collaged python and leather jackets,ultra cool leather dresses and major patchy fab python dresses just way to beyond cool and totes major schouler! Then came the most fab lazier cut coats and skirts which has become such a signature of the duo by now and how cool do they jackets look the sharpest and coolest in the world due to the major technology used in there production! Technology was as always a major part of this collection but this season proenza schouler also twinned in very organic and crafty details to create a fab contrast of technology and the organic .....TO COOL! We saw more organic touches in the beautiful print dresses which were very natural and organic but with sharp cool features! They were like the dresses altuzarra showed last season but without bangels and (sorry altuzarra) 10 million times more cool and wearable if you dress like the most stylish person every!!!!  Then came the "random" quote un quote the duo, looks which were fab cool fresh and major prints, deemed with the infamous frow celebrity cliche "it was like art" jessica chastin I expected better than you I thought you were smarting but when asked "what journey did these clothes take you on", Jessica replied  " they took me on the journey of wanting to wear them" really??? though I will let her of because she said it in a bubble fun and drop dead gorgeous style! Though these dresses were really original and fresh from the brand something new and amazing that has come out of "random" but really "random" is such an ultra cool thesis for spring its like just bla bla bla....magic ok I know that was gibberish but its like random is cool I think that it in a nutshell! Loved obvi and new york highlight I think it might Have been my fav show but there were a lot of major shows like Marc and Jason also the fab altuzarra! But this collection was so major and designed by the "kings of new york" and everyone will want to wear it but opps sorry only the coolest and richest people in the world can wear it hehehe wait im not even in that category.....:( 
This season Marchesa went for a different look which was really just to stunning! It was bollywood glamour but far more chic than anything bollywood it was more like beautiful classic indian princess! Some gowns were in a stunning Sari look which was beyond and if I was a wealthy fab indian woman and getting married I would be wearing and so would the bridesmaids! There were fab decedent embroideries,lace and  embellishments which created a beautiful fit for any princess! Its another major beautiful from marchesa with a different and really undoubtedly more beautiful look with major inspiration from india!
Omg look familiar??? Yes everyone is buzzing about michael showing 60s collection with a lot of stripes.... seems we may have a new fresh trend on are hands and of all people to show be called most similar to marc jacobs I certainly didnt expect it to be michaels! Though michaels collections yes was 60s and mod etc but it was more Mad Men woman the working ad agencie woman who looks fab and professional and plays it casual and realexed on the weekends at her suburban home with a fab pool and glorious sunshine, where marcs was more drugs,sex and rock n roll! Michael Kors this season,....DIED..... it was spectacular,classic real 60s american sportswear clean,bright,tailored and fabulously mod also! The brightness was so fab those yellows,greens,reds and blues put such a smile on my face it was just in your face brightness and i loved it! As I said before lots of striped looks and lots of chic mod monochrome work wear! Loved all the major tailored dresses some of which are being worn by michelle obama especially one green,white and black one, also all the sharp fab tailored jackets and coats loved it so classic sportswear with a sort of bright ultra modern take! The last 3 gowns were mod minimalist 60s glamour worn strongly by 3 fab models and really great simple red carpet looks that almost everyone can simply pull off! 
 It was clean bright and a new fresh take on Michael by taking a little dip into the past of the fab world of chic bright mod 60s living delivering a major collection!
Day 6 and its a major busy day for the fashionistas and they really dressed to impress for it!!! Enjoy these fab street style pics as there are only 2 more in new york left :( 
shot by tommy ton
For the past 2 season at rodarte I wasn't overly crazy about there collections but this season I  was blown away and was a New York highlight for me!!! This season they pushed a major cool collection on us, something every fab fashionista is going to want and did it with a major Medieval/Knight theme!!! Lets all be honest this is the coolest ever medieval has been done just shows how talented they are if some one asked me to do medieval with cool modern day twist who knows what would happen! They did it right showing us all major, ultra cool looks and accessories for spring with a fun and fantasy twist! The opening looks were ultra cool and tailored to me they showed fab variety of fabulous prints then as the collection progressed I began to see the beyond fab medieval features and a cool empowering female knight was the look! So lets talk about these major must haves for fall, there fab printed cool structured dress's its like mary k meets proenza schouler meets balenciaga meets rodarte and who dosnt want to buy that???? I would love to see the fierce girl to pull of those leather pants which  are very....eh lets just say sexy! Ok the majorly cool dresses are really what im focusing on most in this collection died for the major fab fashion forward silver metallic halter dress....TO COOL! Also was in love with the really medieval dresses like the fab black dress with a red winged embroidery it was very dungeons and dragons meets high fashion! Also the long sweeping ultra cool evening dresses had me in a fashion frenzy! There was a great satin folding technique used on the dresses which was so like a knights armory but soft feminine and totes cool! Overall it was total fashion moment for me, ultra cool major looks with super fab medieval twist has made me fall in love with rodarte once again!
Vera Wang is in the fab minority of designers who are defying the end of prints and the return of minimalism! The collection was greatly embroidered with fabulous baroque details and prints! Evening on the clean white looks they were heavily embroidered and looked very chic! Everything was very fabulous and decedent without being to flashy there were fab golden shimmering lace looks,chic cute blue embroidered dresses,blue fab lace,sophisticated dark green prints modern and fashion forward sporty silhouettes yet with classic baroque touches! I love this cool vera silhouette that she has showed over the last year its very cool and spacey and this season it went back in time slightly and died for that! There were really just superb evening lace,embroidered and embellished dresses and cool sporty yet classic readywear! Died for it all and was another major fab Vera Wang collection! 
Its funny about a year ago I was just playing around and sketching a "hypothetical" spring 2013 it was all about a woman who goes to an island in the pacific and falls in love with the island and the people and you see her normal preppy american look begin to become more native she would wear colorful prints, loser skirts, accessories that are very native by the end of the collection she is island girl meets preppy american and i found it so funny that tory burchs collection had that similar look!!! First of all at the begging of the collection I didn't know were we were a corn field? is that wheat? its fab and sunny an bright die for yellow! Then it just got more tropical island and I loved it! This collection was similar to my "hypothetical" collection but of course tory made it to the catwalk and was utterly beautiful,light and pretty! Tory burchs accessories were really somthing I loved espically the bag, a sporty leather bag but with tibal print weve on side and all these tropical little touches which perfectly defines this colltion American sportswear/preppy takes a journey and picks up unique and exotic things with it! Loved all the fab light airy bohemian exotic island shirts and especially died for the little flag shelled embroidered tops thought that was pretty touch! The exciting traveller going from place to place learning cultures and different ways of life taking them with her and sharing them thats the image of the woman I see in this collection and I would really love to sit down and talk with her about "omg were did you get that tunic?" and then she would tell me about her trip to bali, thats the image I have! Love making up a story for the woman in collections and tory did most of the work for me this time very clear and amazing image LOVED! Cute summer dresses from the bahamas,necklaces from haiti,dresses from the seychelles it was this eclectic mix of foreign islands pulled into one collection it really was a beautiful mix of island paradise and tory really took us on a journey! I wonder if we can go somewhere that requires lots of fur for fall?
Yes its time to talk what we wait all new york to talk about, the Marc Jacobs show, so im not going to panic because marc makes me go a little cray and really this collection is sheer marc genius! So of course as at any Marc Jacobs show there is many stages first stage is, Anticipation. Its the tweeting the wondering the dreaming what will Marc pull out of his fantastic bag of talent this time??? Then its the countdown "omg an hour to Marc jacobs" "OMG MARC IN 5!!!" Then its time anticipation done the show starts you scan the crowd sport the frowers and laugh at the browers you tweet about the major set then at 8 on the dot the lights go down butterflies kick in a boom!!! Really an explosion especially this season 46 pieces crammed into a 5 mins show the models were walking as fast as usain bolt #OlympicWalk then the lights go down and up again the models appear then leave and marc takes his bow to a thunderous applause and then you are left to process the last 5 mins! This is what I processed! 
First thought after years of Marcs extravagant collections growing to sheer whimsy and magic such as those infamous fur hats last season, but this was Marc Minimalism I though then the hair beauty and fabulous music it was the swigging 60s. Omg im such a fan of 60s fashion and i was like omg Marc does sixties to major!!! With the image of the sexy 60s girl in my head I could suddenly see marcs vision of this woman but of course there was Marcs Genius that I couldn't figure out because im just meer mortal though I did have a small inkling into the vibe! MOD,STRIPES,BLACK AND WHITE,ROCK N ROLL,SEX,STRIPES,STRIPES,STRIPES,60S,MICKEY MOUSE,MIDRIFF,SEX,SEQUENCE,SEQUENCE,OMG MOD GLAMOUR,OMG  that was my head through the marc jacobs show! On as I call it dissection the look was so complex and fab it was a extreme vivid statement the 5 minute statement that stays in your head for 5 days, this new look that was original beyond belief I dont know who would have guessed that collection thats what I love about marc prepare to be surprised! 
The clothes really mod,sixties school girl with rock n roll edge and such a bold sexaul statement! Things I loved most know about this collection firstly everything, i loved the mickey mouse sweater made me smile and is really cool quirky and die for it! it was the unexpected piece in the unexpected collection! I loved the beauty fab 60s twiggish hair which was so chic and stunning, i loved those pointy toe whimsical shoes, i loved the stage a ultra cool minimal yet complex look died, I loved,loved,loved the evening wear it was pure heaven haven't seen evening on the marc jacobs runway in around 3 years so obvi was dyeing especially for stipped mod sequenced gowns in the most fab silhouette! I loved the model that opened and closed show have forgotten her name but she was new fresh and it going places! I LOVED STRPES!!! 
Thank you marc for always being highlight of my #NYFW the show was BEYOND!!! and to major!