"OMG Moment" is a new daily blog post were i blog about things from the day i went OMG, So tell me if you like "OMG Moment"

OMG i'm going to the met gala red carpet 

Yes its true I'm going to the met gala red carpet and so are you because this year the exclusive and most fab event eva known to fashionistas as "the fashion oscars"  due to its most amazing red carpet who feature Stars of film,fashion,music and society pretty much STARS STARS STARS and no d listers get invited because anna wintour hand picks the very fabulous and very exclusive guest list to THE SOCIAL EVENT OF THE SEASON and now i'm very pleased to say that on may 7th we can be on that red carpet watching the Stars of all Stars walk the red carpet in major gowns. So i was like OMG i can watch the met gala live thats TOTES FAB!!! wat do you think are you having a OMG moment right now???

OMG i love these pants!

So i was looking at the editors picks on net-a-porter and i saw these major Ysl pants and i was like OMG there totes fab there bohemian,easy to wear,so so  so chic in that ysl Moroccan 60s paris way its just so omg but thats just me what do you think?

OMG i love kate!

So Kate middleton wore this fab blue which is so classic royal #royalBlue which is Rebecca taylor which will be like huge for becks because she isn't that big but now Kate's wearing her so becks gonna get a lot of calls in the next 24 hours, so i was like omg i love kate because we dont see her everyday but we like want to and i saw her yesterday and then again today and i was like OMG i love kate because i just like light up when i see her because shes kate and its only 3 DAYS to her 1 year anniversary thats so sweet i will never forget that day that burton gown the regal fabulousness of that whole wedding was unforgettable, to Finnish i like love kate! Do you?

OMG i hate it your at a chanel event!!!

So i was getting my images for my chanel tribeca dinner post today and i saw this image of Aaron Young wearing this hideous ensemble no.1 its denim on denim! no.2 he is looking a bit to much like wolverine with that hair and beard no.3 your at a chanel event did you ever think for a moment to be a little STYLISH! so i was like OMG hells to the no because its a party hosted by chanel and its for the tribeca film fest SO CHIC and your there in that and im not but yet im FAB! Do you hate it?