You can clearly see that prabel gurung has grown! The moment you enter the expansive large runway location on which I twitted "Omg parbels runway is so large this season! The entire fashion world could be at this show,most of them are anyway!" it really showed us that prabel was bigger and better and most importantly fabulously rich and successful!!! The atmosphere was filled with anticipation for something amazing, It went prabel mad on twitter especially me I twitted around 100 twits in less than an hour! And then the show began in quite the strong fabulous style! Joan Smalls opened the show in a fabulous gleaming white tailored look with contrasting flowing sheer! It was stunning she totes owned that runway and was followed by equally as strong models but really only Joan could have opened this show!!! The looks came out fast it was sudden and strong the first looks were fabulously tailored in light weight fabrics and made for a sudden fab look broken  down these flowing ghost like looks are immensely cool! Fab jackets, major tailored pants, sporty major cute shorts, fab coats with supa cool leather accents  and show stopping flowing sheer organza......DIE! I saw some fab contrast in this collection it was really between sporty and feminie and the contrast of light and dark! Take this black dress very sporty shape sort of a tennis dress but lighter with feathers and more loose also with chiffon! There were lots of soft white with dark leathers or chiffon made for major contrast!!! The  clear most used color duo in this collection was Red and white and omg it was so major bold,vivid, soft and dark and really just totes beautiful made for real impact and has made red and white so much more fab just like he did with purple last year!!! There were also fab blue and whites which looked beautifully bright springy and totes prabel! Were do I start with the dresses in this collection so much major ruffles,sheer,FEATHERS omg it was heaven! There were less major gowns this season it was the more 50s prom dress look which I found so stunning! He played with the textures and the movement of the dresses and really the result was pure beauty and femininity! My fav dresses were the last few they were just stunning beyond belief!!! The prints, the colors ,the crystals that fab silhouette and major glam feathers! Overall another major and stunning prabel collection which was totes swooned over and will totes be bought and worn by many celebs on the red carpet! 

Look of the day

Look of the day today is this angelic white and gold prabel gurung gown. Prabels collection was inspired by heaven and hell and this look is certainly HEAVEN! It has couture detailed golden embroideries and angelic white feathers giving the look a beautiful movement, the gown is certainly a show stopper and also is the fabulous blue eyeshadow and gladiator golden bangles altogether the whole look is simple HEAVEN!!!!

Accessory of the day

Accessory of the day is a fabulous golden ornate dolche and gabbana clutch with feminine rose details and fabulous pearl embellishments this makes for the perfect accompaniment to a glamourous white or golden look the theme of todays look of the...

Look of the moment

Look of the moment is taylor swift at the academy country awards where she is of course queen and she really dresses for the part of queen or with taylor princess of modern day pop country music. She is wearing a sleek and fabulous j mendel fall 2012 gown and looks fabulously minimalist and understatedly glamourous with those fabulous golden slips. This look is another gold and white heaven moment!!!
Fashion season ended just a few days are some amazing and beutiful shots from the fall collections. This is my tribute to an amazing season of fashion starting with nyfw and tomorrow the european shows!!!


the glamourous lights of nyfw at the altuzarra show
The winter wonderland scene at the lacoste show a fun fashion moment
Showing the unglamorous side to fashion
Behind the scenes at a heavenly decadent marchesa show
sweet designer and celeb love!
The media storm
Fabulous cool rag&bone look at the rag&bone show
the look at ralph
Magical Marc
A pretty morning show at tory burch dramatized in black and white
The vultures
the finishing touches to a very sleek victoria beckham collection
"cuddly bear fur" at michael kors
Coca rocha being oh so dramatic at the zac posen finale
Here are some pics of the best parties this nyfw!!!!

Marc Jacobs

Diane Von Frustenburg 


Prabel Gurung 


Jason Wu


Band of outsiders

Narcisco Rodrigez 

Proenza Schouler 

I found myself speechless moments after the prabal gurung show,i repeated to myself amazing!!! I felt like i had just seen a fabulous HEAVENLY!!! couture collection. The theme was heaven and hell the collection opened with several dark black looks then the collection evolved into blues, then angelic whites with touches of gold representing the golden gates to heaven!!! The collection concluded with 3 amazing gowns first was a fabulous metallic gold gown prefect for any red carpet i myself would wear it to the met ball, second was a beautiful white gown with very light golden embroideries and the final look was a white goddess sheer, dress with light golden neckline heavenly feathers giving dress beautiful momvment and fabulous train that let us see more of this fabulous gown these were the 3 angels of the collection!!!! there were also two other more dark and seductive gowns one was a black sheer gown with a lot of embellishment that was the first moment my heart stopped!!! second was a simple black gown with sheer and had great movement!!! the tailored looks that opened the show would be a prefect addition to any women's wardrobe especially the fabulous capes!!! also the black coats with the fabulous green fusion print that reminded me of the northern lights is prefect and more of a statement piece!!! there were so much fabulous cocktail and party dress each with a special embellishment or ruffle they truly were the backbone of the collection. the fabulous golden and blue floras brightend everything up!!! the blues were still dark but had a certain heavenly quality to them and the gold pieces were totally glamourous who wouldn't want that fabulous golden coat!!!!! overall this collection was pure beauty and will definitely be one of the biggest highlights of this new york fashion week!!!!