Proenza Shouler showed a warrior women this with asian influnces, to make one of the est shows this week!!!!! The collection opened with hard white layered looks with powerful boots killer jackets, and oversized jackets and pants. IF LOOKS COULD KILL. The first hint of asia was in the skirst which had a sameri asian feel and they were such fab skirts for any womens wardrobe. There were two cool and sexy looks one was red the other blue these looks were super cute and great sepreate pieces also making one of the best ready to wear looks in this collection. There were continued to be great cool werable otfits which are great!!!!The real warrior looks  were in the sameri looks which wear cool urban quilted pieces fored together to make one killer warrior!!!! My favorite dresses were the satin and leather blue and orange dresses super cute!!!!super cool!!!!! There were a series of simple devin what i image to be Japanese floarls that were stunning there were also bird prints peacocks etc. all the final looks were so cool with a japanese historic feel. this collection was so major cant wait to see it this fall