Richard Chai was the first collection I seen during fashion week! It was bright,colorful,feminine,sporty and just the perfect start to what will obvi be a perfect week! The clothes sporty quality was the first thing I noticed it was very tennis meets surfer! The girl was cool and I just died for the color palette, im totes obsessed with that yellow which im already seeing is going to be trend as I have seem some tone of yellow in all the collections ive seen so far! Last year sports wear and midriffs where very big for spring this season I think the sporty feel is really justified after an olympic summer, and also the midriff proved last season to be cool and a major success so I love the incorporation of these to features a very cool summery collection! Some of the things i died for where the white sheer floral pieces which were flowy really cool and just looked major! I loved the denim raincoat! Thought that was a fab new way of keeping water proof this spring! Also the crystal metallic items at the end because of the metallic and crystals with the sporty silhouettes and fabrics,major, anything yellow i screamed for! and also cool white tennis sporty looks where the coolest! Over all this collection is great way to kick of the season and I dye dye dye for EVERYTHING!!! 
Its finally her New york fashion week the busiest time of the year hundreds of shows in 8 days and 10s of blog post to! Fashion season means the blogging format for me is changed most of my daily post are no longer daily as have lots to do! So will mostly be blogging all about fashion shows, fashion week news, street style etc so there is no more celeb style unless there in a front row! Or no more look who is on the cover of vogue post! Im now in runway mode and will be until the end of paris fashion week! Though will be continuing look of the day! So already I feel like i've so much to do and have barley seen over 2 shows so im a while away from blogging just yet! Thats another thing most of my posts now will be at unusual times as I cant blog whilst im watching the shows but will keep you informed with all the blog updates as usual!! So lets just enjoy the mayhem that is fashion season! 
Richard Chai opened his collection with a series of grey and charcoal striped tailored look's. They were very clean and crisp and created a strict image!!! This collections main focus was on "handsome  femininity" he showed over sized mens coats,wide shoulders,tailored pieces mens shirts but also feminine pink florals and flowing wide pants but it was mostly a mens for women collection. There was a retro feel in the multicolored stripped looks and also the waist was more defined. There were great outerwear pieces for women great coats, parkas,boots etc. Overall this collection was very refined and stayed concentrated on a clean, crisp and strict mens inspired look!!!