So im back from my little break and heres whats been happening even though you have all prob heard about it, Valentino was officially announced as sold which was rumored and is now official, Vera Wang and her husband are getting divorced but he will remain working at her company which could be awkward! Kate Moss is staring in George Michaels new music video to soon be released which i can not wait for, shes is going to totes rock that vid! Rag&Bone downtown new york favs are returning to there native england and will be showing at london fashion week this september so once again London fashion week gets even stronger really its pretty major i remember when it was bore and was a 5 day vacation between new york and milan but now im obsessed with every thing London fashion week! Ralph Lauren was criticized for making the american Olympics uniforms in the very unpatriotic land of China. My fav highstreet brand (Actually my second fav im kind of in love with zara right now!!) Topshop is making it big in america as it will launch in NordStroms from september so its really major topshop has hit the fashion big times! Gaga has been knocked off the number one spot of the top 10 under 30 forbes list and the sweet fab taylor swift has swooped in under all those fabulous rich young people and is now the richest of all of them closely followed by justin bieber who would have thought! Gaga and justin seem to be more internationally popular?? Finally the fabulous Rihanna will be taking another step into fashion design as she is design a collection for another fav highstreet store of my'n River Island! Im sure that collection will be cool,current and very sexy ;)