Rochas £605

Todays pick of the day are these suede platform Rochas!!! The pumps are a STATEMENT PIECE! Its bold, young,fun and a perfect summer shoe! Its fabulous because its bright and refreshing so you can wear it to a lunch or work! But you can also wear it with evening looks a cute white sequence 20s flapper dress with this shoe coral clutch and fabulous accessories and you look fab!! The price is expensive but achievable if you really wanted them you could save up ;) I love this shoe because its a understated STATEMENT its very in right now and perfect for the young girl on the go!NOTE:Wear on bright days a definite fashion forcast required piece,wear with bright tones pastels and neutrals recommended!,perfect for evening and casual wear also maybe work look!
 I have a few topshop alternatives enjoy!

Topshop alternatives!

These topshop alternatives all have aspects of the orginal the frist shoe, is sude and a cool statment but not bright and bold but i do love the strap makes it very chic and cool!!! I would certainly recommend this shoe for work or tailored casual look! Wear with croped pant,denim jeans and sweater maybe hat!,dont wear for evening,good for work!,Wear with shirt dresses,dont wear with body con pieces!!£62. The next shoe is also suede and less of a statment it is perfect for dresses or work looks "when in doubt wear red" its bold heel makes it more "now!" should be worn with black or red pieces not with prints stay minimalist maybe even mod! £85 The final shoe is one of my favs!!! Its bright summery,bold,young and oh so fresh!!! The dramatic platform makes the statment just like the rochas and the black suede top makes it perfect and a little chic maybe something brighter like coral,pink or pastel green or lavender! The shoe is prefect with summery minimilist and print dresses also shorts!!! These shoes can work with everything im in love with there fun youthful brightness love love love them!!! I 100% get them for the summer season and there only £55 the cheapest shoes ive shown today!!!