Rochas latest collection had the sophisticated 60s vibe showing a marvelous collection of great ready wear pieces and fabulous 50s/60s couture style gowns. Before the more dramatic finale looks there were the more simply looks that i referred to as sophisticated 60s and also a little teacher chic! There were great sweaters and woolen fabrics also the prints were a vibrant and fun feature that i could really see on a 21st century girl how maybe likes a retro twist. There was a vast variety of pants,dresses and skirts available so everyone is covered. The pants were long and tailored i thought they looked great (i'm in the middle of a pants fetish at the moment!!!)the dresses were 60s style satin in print or solids. Then there were the very mad men sexy 60s secretary pencil skirts all of these can be styled with great coats,jackets and sweaters from the collection! I found the color palette to be dull but not boring if dull couldn't be boring? Then there was the evening which featured fabulous couture style gowns as always at rocha!! There were some more unusual that many women wouldn't wear and then there were the more flatter dresses a women would wear with the feel of 21st century vintage girl! Especially the gowns with that were slim and had a playful bow this dress is timeless classic then there were the solid sating gowns with a cropped sleeve, this look was very minimalist and chic i could see it on keria knightly or penelope cruz! Really another great collection that can be broken down and worn