For the past 2 season at rodarte I wasn't overly crazy about there collections but this season I  was blown away and was a New York highlight for me!!! This season they pushed a major cool collection on us, something every fab fashionista is going to want and did it with a major Medieval/Knight theme!!! Lets all be honest this is the coolest ever medieval has been done just shows how talented they are if some one asked me to do medieval with cool modern day twist who knows what would happen! They did it right showing us all major, ultra cool looks and accessories for spring with a fun and fantasy twist! The opening looks were ultra cool and tailored to me they showed fab variety of fabulous prints then as the collection progressed I began to see the beyond fab medieval features and a cool empowering female knight was the look! So lets talk about these major must haves for fall, there fab printed cool structured dress's its like mary k meets proenza schouler meets balenciaga meets rodarte and who dosnt want to buy that???? I would love to see the fierce girl to pull of those leather pants which  are lets just say sexy! Ok the majorly cool dresses are really what im focusing on most in this collection died for the major fab fashion forward silver metallic halter dress....TO COOL! Also was in love with the really medieval dresses like the fab black dress with a red winged embroidery it was very dungeons and dragons meets high fashion! Also the long sweeping ultra cool evening dresses had me in a fashion frenzy! There was a great satin folding technique used on the dresses which was so like a knights armory but soft feminine and totes cool! Overall it was total fashion moment for me, ultra cool major looks with super fab medieval twist has made me fall in love with rodarte once again!
Its gala season there was the met gala,good gala and the spring ballet gala and it was a very chic upper east side new york elite event something i love!! Natalie portman stole the night looking fabulous in rodarte!! Take a look inside this fab gala!
Fur accents and jewel-box ornamentation at the neck (and therefore drawing attention around the face) were everywhere this season in the form of brooches like those at Bottega Veneta, so deliberately placed that it was hard to tell if they were a separate item or part of the dress, fabulous fur collars , and knit snoods that offered the same idea, but for a more downtown clientele.

Here are some pics of the best parties this nyfw!!!!

Marc Jacobs

Diane Von Frustenburg 


Prabel Gurung 


Jason Wu


Band of outsiders

Narcisco Rodrigez 

Proenza Schouler 

Rodartes fall collection was inspired by the Australian outback unusual for the girls as they usually take there inspiration from american landscape. there was a wide variety and diversity to the clothes,40s tailored influence, sleath dresses, cable sweaters, cargo pants, structured coats etc and of course the collection had a pretty and romanticism to it as always at rodarte. The collection opened with very 40 inspired looks they were very prim and proper and as the collection progressed the prints ad the silhouettes became wilder more native just as in Australian settlement, the prim and proper British come and they eventually become more native fun and care free. I loved that there were a ride variety of cargo pants i think they would be a real cute addition to any women's wardrobe also the cable sweaters are really cute great causal pieces any buyer would want to sell next fall. The coats were quite romantic ad tough some were black leather sheep coast and some were pretty 40s tailored coats. the evening wear didn't disappoint there were two gowns with a asymmetric divid with fab ruffles the other 2 were more fun and quirky hand cave print print dresses which were very beautiful!!! Overall lots of the diverse pieces in this collection will make great additions to everyones fall wardrobe next fall!!!