At every award show there is a worst dress list. the sags was no exception and everyone was talking about Kristen Wig and her hideous ensemble especially the choker. Another eye soar was the artist star Bérénice Bejo  she looked like a hippie threw up on her ralph lauren gown what was with that HAIR!! Lea michelle once again is on the top of worst dress list. And of course the fat people looked terrible except the helps olivia. but surprisingly my worst dress list is shorter than my best which is great!!!
Best actress and one of the best dressed
the vibe at the sags was cooler, looser, and more funand better for it.
That's not to say the glam factor went missing. Natalie Portman andZoe Saldana both nabbed looks fresh from the Paris haute couture shows that wrapped last Wednesday; the former chose a strapless Giambattista Valli in a deep shade of bordeaux, and the latter wore Look 17 from Givenchy. Minus the nose ring, that is—things weren't quite that loose.
Still, there was plenty to like: Emma Stone's black Alexander McQueen,Michelle Williams' lacy red Valentino, Jessica Chastain's royal-blue gown from Calvin Klein Collection. We'll be looking forward to seeing what those three choose for the Oscars. 
White and gold also proved lucky for a Marchesa-clad Viola Davis. After winning Best Actress for her role in The Help, she was back on stage again for the Best Ensemble prize.