Samantha cameron an ambassador for british fashion this week is visiting america with husband david and her and michelle an american fashion ambassador are both subtly fighting for best dressed who will win uk or usa.

Round one

In the blue corner is michelle representing usa and in the red corner is samantha representing uk. Its the formal ceremonial round 
Its a tricky one but it goes to the ..... red corner and thats smantha cameron in cute tailored look with refreshing blue tones its also very tailored and she is really pulling off chic first lady look!!!

Round Two

Its round two!!! and its the casual round!!! 
And the winner of round two, the causual round is..... Samantha again!!!! congrats she looks chic minimilist and very silk loving the burst of pink!!!

Round Three

Its the final round and its one of my favorite rounds its the evening round what great gowns will these first ladies show us!!!
Its very hard the girls are looking fab samantha in that floral erdem is just so elegant and that beautiful satin detail in Michelle's gown is so beautiful so the winner is...... Michelle in a fabulous navy gown with great satin detail and great necklace!


The winner is the red corner and thats samantha ands thats the uk sorry usa but Britain as beaten you this time!!! Michelle looked great but samantha really brought her fashionable game but there is still time for michelle to win another round only is samantha doesn't bring out the big guns BURBERRY!!!! So here is our winner again in fab victoria beckham dress!!!!