Today is the first official day of the olympics and tonight kicks it all of with an extravagant very exciting 27 million pound opening ceremony and you would have to be stupid to ignore the olympics even if this is a fashion blog Olympics is no.1 talking point! So lets relate this with fashion, this spring and summer sportswear as been a major trend popping up all over the runways, so for these 16 days of olympics why not dress the part had sporty influences to your wardrobe or cute quirky olympic themed items which Markus Lupfer provides for us as he provided during jubilee time. Here are some ideas for getting your wardrobe in shape for 2012s greatest sporting event!
Season after season the sweater is always an essential item and this season they have been given a cool fresh make over. Here are some of this season most fab sweaters which a perfectly worn causal or can be used in a more formal look maybe worn with pencil skirt for work but the classic sweater is great for out and about everyday style, and is perfect for young cool girls, i would recommend that every one by those kenzo sweaters there totes essential!!!
Black and white is very on trend this season and lots of fab black and white items are hitting stores this moment. This trend was all over the pre fall collections and it is a trend thats so easy to wear and to simply look good. Theres something so timeless and classic about black and white and also its stereotypical chic meaning most of us all ready have lots of black and white items already in are wardrobes but it wouldn't hurt you to get something new maybe even mix and match get new white blazer and wear it with that little black dress in your wardrobe and bang your on trend and look o so chic :D Here is my selection of my fav new black and white pieces from this season!
The pre-fall collections are hitting stores and so are the pre-fall trends and one major pre-fall trend is LEATHER! The pre-fall collections and the fall collections were full of leather filled items so get your wardrobe ready for a leather invasion. Dresses,skirts,jackets, and pants are all in the very trendy fabric of leather this season or for you budget girls pleather. So get ready for a new cool biker jacket,fab sleek black leather work/cocktail dress and cool leather pants to give u a rock n roll edge that you can wear with your tweeds and classy blazers. The leather trend is all about being cool,urban and having that rock n roll edge but also adapting all these things and making it look normal and very stylish!
Here is a fab selection of major leather items that are prefect for this season, there not in everyones price range so they can inspire to find similar pleather pieces on the highstreet.
This year wimbledon has issued a dress code. This is whats out, midriffs which is to bad there very on trend and its summer,hoodies which is fine cause why wear hoodie to wimbledon,flip flops which is great as they are faux pas and jeans which is quite extreme as jeans can look cool and sophisticated which cute blazer and heels! The players know that fab whites are the only thing acceptable on the courts so why don't the spectators feel the same? In honor of this chic yearly event here is some of the newest fab tennis accessories! My fav being that gleaming white dior tennis watch!
Source, VOUGE
The new loafer is here! Soft,comfortable ,incredibly wearable and chic it is the Slipper and it is totes a must have for any women's wardrobe, Here are some of my fav high end ones but there much replicated on the high street also.
                                     Miu Miu
This fabulously decedent slipper is 4 in one velvet,embroidered,embellished with fab crystals on the heel and is a fab loafer this season fashions favorite flat! I adore it and it works with so much, prefect for stylish young girl or anyone rocking the silk Pj look
                              Nicholas Kirkwood
This Kirkwood loafer has a cool quirk feel. Its in a fab electric blue velvet with  fun glitter and fabulous luxurious leather. This is great with cool leather looks or evening downtown evening glam.
                             Charlotte Olympia
Omg i adore this fun cool olympias in a prefect red velvet with fab fun leopard and cool modern designer detail. This shoes are so wearable and great for young preppy cool looks or really with anything else!
                          Alexander McQueen

This cool crimson shade velvet mcqueen loafer with its signature skull makes for fab cool look. This is perfect with leather and dark tones really great with sweater look its very london cool but wearable internationally. 
                                Jimmy Choo

These fab studded leather choo's are my fav loafers so far there extremely cool!! Wear them anytime with cool work look or sexy cocktail dress or maybe just jeans and a sweater there gonna work!
                            Marc By Marc Jacobs

Sparkle this season in these glam gold sequence covered leather marcs. They have cool very in silhouette and are the cheapest loafers ive shown so far, there not much over budget ;) 
                            Alexander McQueen

These are certainly one of the most beautiful loafers available. They are a fab velvet with a beautiful floral embroider. They can make for a very opulent look so wear them with something simple or if your the eccentric just go for it!
These hunter are the best way to look fashionable whilst celebrating jubilee, the patriotic union jack thats slightly faded which greats vintage effect which is so cool! If you are in the country and having a fun jubilee garden party thats dress code casual these boots would be perfect! The rustic english wellie boot with the even more british vintage union jack! Perfect worn with blue jeans,cool casual sweater mc Queen union jack scarf and cool shades with hair tied back :D
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and her jewels

The jubilee country/city cool look!

Todays style hunter is of course jubilee themed! Here is a look at some looks from the fall runways that are fit for a queen! Royal style is conservative,elegant and very regal think floral dresses or fabulous large hats with very regal and royal touches! Royal style is very chic and fabulous so here is look at some very royal looks fit for her royal highness during her jubilee celebrations
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and her jewels ;)
The summer style hunter continues with more essential summer item and today its all about that SUMMER SANDAL! The sandal is perfect for so many looks its a very versatile item to have during summer season on that hot day at home or on that tropical day aboared there must be a good supply of sandels in your summer wardrobe or maybe one very versatile sandel that goes with everything and every occasion. The sandal is perfect for many things firstly THE BEACH: its either barefeet with a cute sandal thrown across your shoulder or on those feet! Sandels were made for a beach look because there easy to move round in on the sand and lets you still look fab there perfect worn with a bikini or cute summer beach dress look. Sandals are also perfect for that quick and easy summer cool out and about look! Perfect for that "calafronian girl" who is wearing sandels with cute shorts and t shirt with a cool scarf and summer cooper shades! There relaxed and keep the feet nice and cool and fab on a hot day! The sandal also works for the evening look especially on vacation the sandal with a relaxed cocktail look is fab fab fab on that hot evening in the south of france maybe your wearing your valentino sandals with a cute summer party dress on to the yacht of a friend or a cool relaxed dinner party in tribeca on that hot summer new york night! Dont those scenarios just sound fab!!  So sandal is essential summer item keeps the feet cool the look effortless and its just tote #totesSummer!
Below are my top sandal picks for summer with there accompanying styled look which really fit my description of how to wear your summer sandal enjoy and tell me what you thing of all the fab sandals! 
The summer season is upon us with the fabulous sun and heat effecting all are wardrobes, must haves for summer are shorts,sandals,shades,prints,midriff looks and the TOTE! Totes are perfect for the summer season because there easy,casual and really effortless and cool to wear. The cool Californian girl with her cute tote worn with her shorts and fab sandals thats the look the tote gives you. Its beach its street and its SUMMER! Totes are definitely a useful bag there big and can carry everything from your ipad to your WWD or even your lunch on the go! Its that on the go feel. There sexy,young,cute,useful,on trend and perfect for this summer season. The best way to wear a tote is either with shorts sandals cool T or bohemian shirt cool bracelets and fab fab fab shades with causal easy hair would be perfect if it were long and worn down with a little curl or with bohemian print cute summer dress preferable shirt dress not a body con! With sandals shades and same with the hair. Its easy cool and a MUST HAVE ITEM FOR SUMMER!
 Take a look at my best totes picks for the summer season note:may be out of your price range!