Day 3 of london fashion week was to say the least a very busy one! It was sort of a D day a lot of shows all fabulous and unmissable so there is no time for lazyness or.....the sniffles! Yesterday I had a terrblie case of the sinffles and it made D day a whole lot harder meaning I could only blog 3 full shows and had to watch most of yesterdays shows to day which clogs up the systems and makes everything that little bit behind and out of date! But I thought through my illness and have seen all the shows and have died for all the shows!
My obvi top 3 of yesterday was 1.Mary Katrantzou,2. Jonathan Saunders, 3. Preen closley followed by Topshop unique,temporly, and matthew willamson along with some other major shows including Vivienne Westwood which is always a lot of fun, Paul smith which was less "fun" more fab tailored looks even though this season the tailoring was more relaxed though the usual from paul! And a head scratching collection at Acne wasn't sure what was happening there!
Ive all ready talked about my top 3 in full post so lets start with Unique! It was such a cool show the frow was major we got to see the new topshop venue for the first time there was champagne and appitisers being served the whole thing was major! The collection was so major it was so cool,light,soft and minimal in a very futristic cool way!
Then there was Temporley London which was old school 50s chic it was grace kelly meets audrey hepburn meets Alice temporley in 2012 thought it was stunning beyond belief!!!
Then Matthew Williamson put a smile on all our faces with a stunning colorful,vibrant and diverse collection it was the perfect amount of color I needed with my case of the sniffles it really did brighten my day and also made me die for the most major cute colorful part dresses I could just see the cast of gossip girl wearing them for all there major fab parties!
Vivienne WestWood red label was as always a lot of fun there were green faces,polotical statments and a one pieace with half of the models bum hanging out of it which I found to be hilar! Also so ending were she came out with her climate change banner you just had to giggle! Oh and  I was only laughing at Viv I was also loving all the fab sort of granny chic looks? Sort of 50s deb girl meets cray Viv!
Finally Paul I loved the fab play with the signature shirt dress and also how the tailoring was softer, he didnt go so bright kept it very simple and effective!
So im back from my little break and heres whats been happening even though you have all prob heard about it, Valentino was officially announced as sold which was rumored and is now official, Vera Wang and her husband are getting divorced but he will remain working at her company which could be awkward! Kate Moss is staring in George Michaels new music video to soon be released which i can not wait for, shes is going to totes rock that vid! Rag&Bone downtown new york favs are returning to there native england and will be showing at london fashion week this september so once again London fashion week gets even stronger really its pretty major i remember when it was bore and was a 5 day vacation between new york and milan but now im obsessed with every thing London fashion week! Ralph Lauren was criticized for making the american Olympics uniforms in the very unpatriotic land of China. My fav highstreet brand (Actually my second fav im kind of in love with zara right now!!) Topshop is making it big in america as it will launch in NordStroms from september so its really major topshop has hit the fashion big times! Gaga has been knocked off the number one spot of the top 10 under 30 forbes list and the sweet fab taylor swift has swooped in under all those fabulous rich young people and is now the richest of all of them closely followed by justin bieber who would have thought! Gaga and justin seem to be more internationally popular?? Finally the fabulous Rihanna will be taking another step into fashion design as she is design a collection for another fav highstreet store of my'n River Island! Im sure that collection will be cool,current and very sexy ;) 
Its jubilee week and all of britain has gone JUBILEE MAD including the world of british fashion in the build up to jubilee weekend i will be doing lots f jubilee themed fashionable post and my first is all about topshop. Topshop currently have lots of jubilee themed products including union jack sequence fascinators to cute printed royal themed totes they are making not so tacky jubilee merchandise, topshop is a perfect way for the cool fashionable girl to celebrate jubilee weekend here is a look at some of there totes fab products 
As i mentioned in Fashion news report :) richard nicoll has designed a fab bridal collection for topshop, the items range from £75 to £350 which is very cheap for bridal wear!!! The collection is beutiful and femine with that sexy lingerie feel if your getting married anytime soon and you want to be incredibally cool and maybe on a budget why not get one of these adorable dresses which looked fab on the model, who wouldn't want to look like that on there wedding day! Me i would go for a gown more bridal and i would wear fabulously expensive accessories like glittering louboutins because only have to pay £350 on the dress :D . What did you think of this collection??

Rochas £605

Todays pick of the day are these suede platform Rochas!!! The pumps are a STATEMENT PIECE! Its bold, young,fun and a perfect summer shoe! Its fabulous because its bright and refreshing so you can wear it to a lunch or work! But you can also wear it with evening looks a cute white sequence 20s flapper dress with this shoe coral clutch and fabulous accessories and you look fab!! The price is expensive but achievable if you really wanted them you could save up ;) I love this shoe because its a understated STATEMENT its very in right now and perfect for the young girl on the go!NOTE:Wear on bright days a definite fashion forcast required piece,wear with bright tones pastels and neutrals recommended!,perfect for evening and casual wear also maybe work look!
 I have a few topshop alternatives enjoy!

Topshop alternatives!

These topshop alternatives all have aspects of the orginal the frist shoe, is sude and a cool statment but not bright and bold but i do love the strap makes it very chic and cool!!! I would certainly recommend this shoe for work or tailored casual look! Wear with croped pant,denim jeans and sweater maybe hat!,dont wear for evening,good for work!,Wear with shirt dresses,dont wear with body con pieces!!£62. The next shoe is also suede and less of a statment it is perfect for dresses or work looks "when in doubt wear red" its bold heel makes it more "now!" should be worn with black or red pieces not with prints stay minimalist maybe even mod! £85 The final shoe is one of my favs!!! Its bright summery,bold,young and oh so fresh!!! The dramatic platform makes the statment just like the rochas and the black suede top makes it perfect and a little chic maybe something brighter like coral,pink or pastel green or lavender! The shoe is prefect with summery minimilist and print dresses also shorts!!! These shoes can work with everything im in love with there fun youthful brightness love love love them!!! I 100% get them for the summer season and there only £55 the cheapest shoes ive shown today!!!

Altuzarra tropical blazer!!! £1,040

Todays pick of the day is this tropical print blazer, it is one of the hottest items this season for a good reason!! Its vibrant print adds color,trend and fun to any look fabulously shown on the runway with black t shirt and pants, it can easily turn a dull look mega fab, mega fashion!!! I would style it with white or black wear it with something minimalist or if your a more bold and vibrant girl wear it with prints and go crazy with the accessories!!! I call it "BIRDS OF PARADISE" wouldn't you agree! But not every women can own a £1000 blazer in the wardrobe so i found some high-street alternatives WARNING: THERE NOT AS FAB!!!

Topshop £65.00 (BARGIN!!!)

This topshop tropical floral blazer is the closest thing you will find to the altuzarra blazer though it isn't as bright and vibrant the print is beautiful and can still brighten up any look and lets you be on trend due to the floarls and tropical influence. I think this would be favorable amongst most ordinary girls due to the fact its less in your face but i think its just less fab. But still love it and recommend you buy it!!! NOTE:WEAR WITH WHITE,NOT WITH JEANS,NOT WITH BLACK,FLOARL ON FLORAL YES!

River island £40.00

This isn't the best quality blazer and the print is quite dull but its cheap easy and tropical!! The pineapples are a cute way to embrace the tropical print! Again this is not as bright as the fab altuzarra but is cute easy on trend and affordable so why not? NOTE:WEAR CAUSAL EG.JEANS,DONT WEAR WITH BLACK,DONT WEAR WITH DRESS

Zara £29.99 (BARGIN)

This is most alike the original its vibrant but not to much,cool and very refreshing and so affordable!!! Its a cute bomber jacket not exactly a blazer but the fact that it isn't just makes it more cool wear that with cute white party dress neon pumps and cute clutch your ready for a fab business or casually lunch on a sunny day or wear it casual whilst shopping our just casually meeting friends. Its cute fresh and would 100% recommend you to buy its so cheap and extremely on trend and cool!!!