Season after season the sweater is always an essential item and this season they have been given a cool fresh make over. Here are some of this season most fab sweaters which a perfectly worn causal or can be used in a more formal look maybe worn with pencil skirt for work but the classic sweater is great for out and about everyday style, and is perfect for young cool girls, i would recommend that every one by those kenzo sweaters there totes essential!!!
The end of minimilsm is here! One of the biggest and most populor trends for pre fall and fall is Baroque which is all about opulent dressing! Think rich renaissance arty inspired prints, fab velvets, shimmering golds and  free flowing silhouettes! This trend is being supported all over the runways and also with the celebs so get ready to go shopping for very pucci printed dresses for evening, cute print tops and pants for everyday life and a little tailored baroque to brighten and opulent up your working wardrobe :D
Black and white is very on trend this season and lots of fab black and white items are hitting stores this moment. This trend was all over the pre fall collections and it is a trend thats so easy to wear and to simply look good. Theres something so timeless and classic about black and white and also its stereotypical chic meaning most of us all ready have lots of black and white items already in are wardrobes but it wouldn't hurt you to get something new maybe even mix and match get new white blazer and wear it with that little black dress in your wardrobe and bang your on trend and look o so chic :D Here is my selection of my fav new black and white pieces from this season!
The pre-fall collections are hitting stores and so are the pre-fall trends and one major pre-fall trend is LEATHER! The pre-fall collections and the fall collections were full of leather filled items so get your wardrobe ready for a leather invasion. Dresses,skirts,jackets, and pants are all in the very trendy fabric of leather this season or for you budget girls pleather. So get ready for a new cool biker jacket,fab sleek black leather work/cocktail dress and cool leather pants to give u a rock n roll edge that you can wear with your tweeds and classy blazers. The leather trend is all about being cool,urban and having that rock n roll edge but also adapting all these things and making it look normal and very stylish!
Here is a fab selection of major leather items that are prefect for this season, there not in everyones price range so they can inspire to find similar pleather pieces on the highstreet.
The hairstylist,who cut abbreviated bangs and precision bobs at Calvin Klein, swears the inspiration was 1920s flappers and Bauhaus architecture, but the impact Dutch model Patricia van der Vliet and her fellow mannequins made on the runway carried over across the pond, where The Rooney Effect, as it came to be known, popped up at shows from Antonio Berardi in London to Versace in Milan.

The simplicity of bare skin against a deep, black-cherry lip, or dark, kohl-rubbed eyes set in contrast to a muted nude mouth created powerfully feminine statements.
For the first time in a very long time, blondes were a distinct minority on the runways And the brunettes were the favored girls it all started in new york and carried through the season so brunettes its your time to shine!
In a season rife with opulent ornamentation, all manner of braid and twist—from soft and sweet to clean and sleek—emerged as another expression of texture and embellishment.

Likely the most unexpected shades for eyes, reds and oranges—from bold to muted—emerged as new colors of choice on key runways.

In keeping with the season’s move away from bronzer and gold accents, cool touches of silver and white brought light to the face.
Makeup artists played with black liquid liner in creative new ways elongating eyes by sketching precision lines toward the inner corner, creating “floating” flicks above the outer corner, and exaggerating the classic wing to add sharp detail to otherwise bare faces.
This season, there is a brow for everyone: bleached, bold, virtually untouched, or . . . jeweled.
The red lip never really disappears, but this season it was brighter, and bolder than ever—the ultimate accessory for power dressing often velvety matte in texture, and suggested by designers for both nightand day.
The pale lip never looked as pretty as on this fall’s  runways.  From glossy blush-tones to near-invisible matte flesh-tones, the muted mouth added a spare, understated softness that played perfectly against the season’s emphasis on impeccable skin.
Fur accents and jewel-box ornamentation at the neck (and therefore drawing attention around the face) were everywhere this season in the form of brooches like those at Bottega Veneta, so deliberately placed that it was hard to tell if they were a separate item or part of the dress, fabulous fur collars , and knit snoods that offered the same idea, but for a more downtown clientele.

Jewel box ornamentation is the new idea of adornment, with beads, gems and stones placed where real jewelry might once have been on, say, the neck or the collar.
Furs were patchworked, collaged, and constructed in new, youthful ways that reenergized and reintroduced the idea of the fur coat to a new generation of women. And when it wasn’t full-on, it was an accent—whether as a detachable collar or trimming a sleeve, hem, or pocket.
This season velvet made a major return, designers have been showing it in causual and glam looks this season so next fall you will definitely be seeing some velvet somewhere!!!

How to wear

This season with the velvet trend the best way to wear it would be through 3 key items that will look incredible stylish and on trend!

1.The little velvet dress

The little velvet dress will be a major party dress for the fall season because its on trend,looks very chic and has a sexual look. It is a great way to wear the glam side of velvet trend without buying a evening dress also the velvet dress will also be making appearances on the high street in such stores as zara, topshop and H&M and also in the high end stores such as gucci,tom ford,carven,ralph lauren and several others the the little velvet dress is easy glam and great way to wear the velvet trend!!!

2.The velvet pant

This item merges several major trends this season velvet,pants,tailoring and strong clothes so the velvet pants would be easy causal,glam and smart way to wear the velvet trend. Pants can work with a lot of different items dresses,blouses,sweaters etc and can be very easy on the eye. For example a cute proenza schouler brocade dress worn with a fab velvet pant can make the look extra fab and more easy! So the velvet pant is a versatile way to incorporate the velvet trend into your everyday wardrobe along with others!

3.The velvet skirt

The velvet skirt is really fabulous way to incorporate velvet into everyday wardrobe because is great work clothes,great casual clothes and great evening glam clothes. It also comes in a lot of different silhouettes and is versatile giving every women the opportunity to wear a velvet skirt. The velvet skirt is cute and sexy and can look cool and preppy, I would certainly go with the velvet skirt out of the 3 items!

More fab velvet looks from the season

Call it the Downton Abbey effect, but a whiff of Edwardian tweedy country elegance hung in the air this season it was old manor house meets the stylish 21st century girl we saw at a few collections this season. Think english countryside with period element!!!
note the tweed farmers hat and country jacket also the shoes are very english country!!!
Tommy Hilfiger captured this trend with the country equestrianism looks and tadashi was more a literal downton abbey collection
Ralph lauren and burberry captured this trend in the best way this season. Ralph showed a very literal downton and fabulous collection and burberry showed the more modern advanced collection for this trend. So think country tweeds,equestrian boots,edwardian gowns for evening,winter knits,plaid and a little bit of drama and costume for example top hat and kane or farmers tweed hat can really make this look prefect for the downton abbey effect trend here are some more examples enjoy!!!