Enjoy part 2 of the fab fall ads that will soon be all over are fashion mags and internet side bars! My favs are louis Vuitton,Prada,Kenzo and d squared there epic,chic and very editorial everything i want in a fashion ad ;D 
Couture collections just a few days ago, here are some amazing and beautiful shots from some of the couture collections. Enjoy these fab images!


Giambattista Valli


Last season everyone was talking about Versace's big return to the couture calendar this time round we were all taking about Versace coming home to the glamourous Ritz hotel were Gianni always showed his couture collection. It was Versace's first couture fashion show in 10 years, last season wasn't a "fashion show" it was a sort of presentation which featured staircase instead of a runway! This time it was celeb front row,glamourous very 90s runway,flashing cameras and catchy runway soundtrack!
There was such a hype before the show of course this would be the first show of couture fashion week, but i was also in the glamourous ritz!!! I just love the hype before a fashion show i haven't felt it since the paris shows ended back in march so I was filled with energy and were do i put that energy??? In to TWEETING!! Nothing better to do before a fashion show that tweet,retweet and fav away!! Hype over the show started and couture was underway! 

The show was opened by the fabulous Lindsey Wixson with Glam very versace girl hair and make up it set the scene for glam viva la versace girl show. The colors were vibrant and eye catching purple,yellow and green with several pretty blues and nudes. 
This is of course couture so there was that magnificent something different, the gowns had sewed into them the finest Hi-tech Japanese polyester, which made the skirts shimmy away and made them so light, which made for magnificent only couture achievable movement. They really had a life of there own!
The looks made for a strong and sexy lady, the dresses appealed to the figure fabulously while exposing as much skin as possible! Donetella achieved this by using several techniques. Creating very sensual,patch worked dresses of crystal embellished chiffon as well as mini dresses in chain mail and lattic corsets made from strips of leather!
It was very Donatella, strong,bold,feminine,sexual and of course most of all glamourous!    

Versace Couture show


Omg so havnt really been paying attention to the mens shows so far but tomorrow its milan fashion week and lots is going on :D So firstly tomorrow it is the return of Jil sander :O this will be her first collection since she left all those years ago so everyone will have there eyes on her!! Then we will be having a dolche extravaganza which im very excited for always the most theatrical show of the season (pictured above) but are fav male model the companies muse will not be making runway appearance :( then its time for my fav menswear show of the season BURBERRY!!!! im so excited firstly i cant wait to hear the runway playlist last menswear season i cried it was so beutiful and also the burberry show is just fab and also has a little drama wonder wat they will do this season watever technological fab thing they do this season i will be watching it live!!! ( Shows ) then the day finishes with the rocken versace which is gonna be supa cool :D Thats saturdays fab first day now lets talk sunday and its the day of the Prada show another absolute favorite of my'n last season many male stars walked the runway so thats gonna be a fab show! On Monday its gucci and mcqueen to very good mens designers and will be exciting to see! Tuesday will wrap up the week with the ultimate tailoring show Armani and the wonderful whimsical Marc Jacobs! before the mens action moves to paris on Wednesday :D and i will be stayed tuned from now on :D     
So if you thought a versace dress cost a lot then you would be shocked by the price of a Versace mansion. The infamous miami mansion of the late Gianni versace is going for sale for a major $125 million its shocked face moment! This was the late designers official residence and was murdered here as he was walking up its steps. He spent $33 million dollars on the renovations all the rooms are decorated with a different fantasy them. Its really an expensive buy and i think it may stay listed for a few more years!
Lets talk christmas... in june????Harrods is teaming up with the fun and adorable disney fairytale princesses this Christmas to give the fab princesses a designer twist:D Fab designers like oscar,valentino,verscae and elie saab will all create a dress inspired by a DISNEY PRINCESS :D and the Finnish gorge gowns will be on show in the iconic stores Christmas window display!! Cant wait to see that this christmas definitely i gift i will adore disney meets valentino why didn't we think of this sooner!! 
Its here!!! The first released fall 2012 add campaign and its the smoldering versace! The collection was goth, dark,rock and sexy this add campaign is certainly that!!! Dontella Versace had this to say "im really thrilled with our new campaign. The result is bold strong,iconic and perfectly conveys the sexy rock vibe of our fall collection" i certainly agree and cant wait to get full effect of campaign in my august issue of vogue!!!
Look of the moment is scarlet johanson in THAT VERSACE which is just amazing, sleek,sexy,on trend(peplum) its a fabulous little black dress. Her body is also looking amazing but is her hair? 

Stars in Dior

DIOR's most faithful fashion fans have become the subject of a new book and exhibition, from past Hollywood icons - such as Marlene Dietrich,Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren - to cinema's current crop of acting talents, including Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron and Kristen Dunst.
Stars In Dior -  which opens in France at the Christian Dior Museum on May 12 until September 23 - looks back at women throughout history, who have all worn the label's clothes - featuring recent pictures of its current fragrance muses, Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron, as well as archive images of Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly. Each picture shows a star wearing Dior in a different way, whether pared-down with jeans like Marion Cotillard or pretty and gamine like Jean Seberg. Other highlights include illustrations of its famous gowns.

The big three!

THREE of the biggest Italian fashion labels have seen a healthy year of growth - with and without IPO listings.  Versace returned to profit in 2011 - with earnings of €8.5 million compared to a loss of €21.7 million in 2010 - whilst Salvatore Ferragamo and Prada, which both listed on the stock exchange in the past year, saw net profits lift by 69.8 per cent and 72.2 per cent respectively.

Maternal muse

Arizona muse unlike many other models, she didn't feel the pressure to get back on the catwalk as soon as she gave birth.
"There are plenty of models who have children," she said. "At first I was like, 'I'm going to be fat forever!' I think we all feel that way after we have a baby. I threw away so many clothes thinking that it would be so depressing having them sitting in my drawer when they're never going to fit me. I got rid of my favourite pair of jeans, which of course would fit me now. You just have to give your body time. You can't have a three-month-old baby and think, 'That's it for me.' I tell mothers that you have to wait a whole year before you start judging your body, before you start working on it. Just give yourself a whole year of rest… I think my body was better after I had a child, actually. I prefer my body now to what it was like before I had Nikko - although I exercise now and I didn't then."
Although the 23-year-old single mother admits managing her career - from  Prada catwalk to  Vogue cover - was tricky at times, she made her son her priority.

Sister brand

H&M has reportedly registered trademarks and a logo for a new brand called "& Other Stories," Swedish news service Dagens Nyheter reports. The label confirmed last week that it is set to launch a new label, but has not yet confirmed its name or any further details.

Plan A

In an interview promoting her debut novel, Can We Still Be FriendsVogue editor Alexandra Shulman says she never planned to have a career in fashion journalism.
"[The idea of becoming a writer] was my idea of a nightmare," she said, "I wanted to be a hairdresser."
It was only after "accidentally" landing a job as an editorial secretary at the now-defunct women's magazine Over 21 that she worked out where her future lay.
"I loved being in a magazine office and I think from that point I knew what I was going to do," she told theObserver.
She wouldn't, however, want to trade places with today's generation of young women - firmly stating that she wouldn't ever feel inclined to have a vajazzle, for example

The new carrie

Another Monday, another weekend's worth of pictures of AnnaSophia Robb - the actress playing a young Carrie Bradshaw - from the set of The Carrie Diaries. This time, a typically Carrie look of sequinned dress and bright shoes was the highlight.