The currently scandalous Kristin Stewart is covering vogue for a second time and its her first british vogue cover! She looks very dark romantic very relatable to her twilight persona and also a very in look for fall! She is wearing a fab gucci dress which also has romantic and dark touches! The cover is sure to have an interesting cover story and im sure the editorial is just as fab and fashionable as the cover! 
Finally a reason to watch the absolute cheese feast that gives me such a headache, GLEE! I never watch it due to the amount of cringe it cause's me but now that the one the only Sarah Jessica Parker one of my fav style icons is making a cameo as the editor of I will be certainly tuning in. But theres more not only will SJP be in Glee as the editor of i mean could it get better? Well the greatest woman like eva, Anna Wintour will be styling her!!!!! :O So yes this is major deal! The character is described as being "sort of frazzled,eccentric and hilarious" how fab does that sound! This news as really got me totes excited and cant believe im saying that I cant wait for glee which will be airing in september 13th so I may have to wait a while before watching due to fashion season, glee certainly isn't a priority ;)
The CFDA fashion fund finalists have been announced and her is an introduction to the 10 finalist which we will be seeing a lot more of!

Andrea Lieberman, A.L.C 

Hometown: New York CityLives in: Beverly Hills
Lives in: Beverly Hills 

A.L.C. in five words
: “Modern, effortless, chic, tribal, minimal.”

Biggest challenge as a finalist: “Remaining calm!”

Where she was when she got the news she’d been named a finalist:“When I returned home from dropping my daughter at school I saw a message from Steven Kolb. I called back and my heart was pounding!” 

How she’ll unwind after the presentation: “I’m jumping on a plane and going right back to my studio!”

Sofia Sizzi, Giulietta 

Hometown: Florence, Italy
Lives in: Financial District, New York City

Giulietta in five words: “Nostalgic, modern, classic, ironic, strong.”

Biggest challenge as a finalist: “I can talk about the clothes all day long, but it’s not my cup of tea to talk intricately about the number details. I usually see the books and make sure we don’t go out of business—that’s about it! Sitting in front of the judging panel and having to discuss it was a challenge.”

Where she was when she got the news she’d been named a finalist:“I’d been at the doctor that morning because I’d hurt my foot and couldn’t really walk. When I arrived back at the office and saw a camera crew there, I knew it must have been good news. Suddenly I was jumping around!”

How she’ll unwind after the presentation: “We have everything made in Italy, but as everyone knows, my country loves to take a month of vacation in the summer, so now I’ll start concentrating on the details for my spring collection that I can produce in New York. I wish I could go on vacation. Maybe after fashion week. . . .”

Greg Armas, Assembly New York 

Hometown: Medford, Oregon
Lives in: Lower East Side, New York City

Assembly New York in five words: “Discrete, simple, authoritative, integrated, future-primitive.”

Biggest challenge as a finalist: “It was about separating two things: the brick-and-mortar shop and the actual collection. Where one begins and the other ends is something I’ve had to start formulating through this process and decide, what is the future of this brand?”

Where he was when he got the news he’d been named a finalist: “I didn’t expect it in a million years. I was standing in the middle of a bodega with some coconut water in one hand and the phone in the other, and when Steven Kolb called I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ ”

How he’ll unwind after the presentation: “So far, a sandwich is as far as I’ve gotten. I was thinking of getting an artisanal grilled cheese. Also, I just got a text from someone to go rafting down the Colorado River; I have to decide if I’m going to take him up on that.”

Justin Salguero and Daniel Silberman; Illesteva

Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany (Daniel) and New York (Justin)
Lives in:  Tribeca, New York City

Illesteva in five words: “Timeless, bold, craftsmanship, unique, passionate.”

Biggest challenge as a finalist: Silberman says, “I’ve never done a presentation in front of people, so going before the judges, people we look up to, was very challenging.”

Where they were when they got the news they’d been named a finalist: 
Silberman says, “I was on a plane to San Francisco for a business meeting and someone in my office texted me to say Steven from the CFDA was looking for me. Then when we landed, they wouldn’t let us off the plane! I called back like, three hours later.” Salguero says, “I was in my hotel room in San Francisco getting ready for our business meeting. I’d missed Daniel’s first couple of calls because I was in the shower!”

How they’ll unwind after the presentation: Silberman says, “I’m going to take a nap at home. We’ll probably celebrate tonight.” Salguero adds, “I think I’m going to take a nap too. Then maybe we’ll have a glass of champagne later on!”

Jennifer Fisher, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry 

Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Lives in: Tribeca, New York City

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry in five words: “Individual, empowering, diverse, edgy, eclectic.”

Biggest challenge as a finalist: “I’ve sold jewelry privately for so long, so I guess expanding in preparation for this and starting to do resort and holiday collections. I was never forced to create collections before—everything was evergreen, so that was a challenge.”

Where she was when she got the news she’d been named a finalist:  “I was at a lunch meeting when I got this frantic call to come back to the office because there was an emergency. When I walked in, I was handed a Post-it saying Steven Kolb had called. I figured it out at that point. After I spoke to him, I hung up the phone and cried. I was the sap who cried!”

How she’ll unwind after the presentation: “I don’t get to! I told the girls at work we should go out for lunch today and celebrate, but they’re all too busy. We’ll figure something out.”

Jennifer Meyer Maguire, Jennifer Meyer 

Hometown: Los Angeles
Lives in: Los Angeles

Jennifer Meyer in five words: “Personal, delicate, colorful, awesome, classic.”

Biggest challenge as a finalist: “I feel like the challenges are just beginning! Going in front of the judges has been the biggest so far though. I’ve never been so excited and so nervous at the same time.”

Where she was when she got the news she’d been named a finalist:“I’d just gotten out the shower; it was 8:30 a.m. I got the phone call from Steven Kolb and burst into tears. It was the best feeling.”

How she’ll unwind after the presentation: “I’m getting on a plane right back to L.A. to go tuck my two kids into bed. I got in on Sunday and three nights without them is the longest I’ve ever gone.”

Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis, Suno

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado (Beatty); San Francisco (Osterweis)
Lives in: West Village, New York (Beatty); Brooklyn, New York (Osterweis)

Suno in five words: “Optimistic, colorful, ethical, intellectual, comfortable.”

Biggest challenge as a finalist, the second time around: Osterweis says, “I think being in front of the judges was tough.” Beatty says, “The questions were really hard this time around, because I think if we’re going to do this again, we’re really going to have to answer for our business.”

Where they were when they got the news they’d been named finalists: Osterweis says, “We were together looking at office spaces when we got the call.”

How they’ll unwind after the presentation: Beatty says, “We both are going back to work after this, but this weekend I hear it’s going to rain, so I want to stay at home all day, watch movies and relax.” Osterweis says, “I’m hosting a bunch of my high school and college friends at my house in Shelter Island for the weekend.”

Tabitha Simmons, Tabitha Simmons

Hometown: Cambridgeshire, England
Lives in: Chelsea, New York City

Tabitha Simmons in five words: “Feminine, sexy, quirky, detailed, versatile.”

Biggest challenge as a finalist: “I guess I just overcame the biggest challenge, which was going in and talking about my company in front of ten incredible people who are very established in their field.”

Where she was when she got the news she’d been named finalists: “I was in the middle of shooting a fashion story when I got the call.” 

How she’ll unwind after the presentation: “I won’t have time to unwind just yet. I have an appointment with a designer right after, and then I’m heading to the airport and getting on a plane to London for a shoot.”

Greg Chait, The Elder Statesman 

Hometown: Paradise Valley, Arizona
Lives in: Malibu

The Elder Statesman in five words: “West Coast values, Americana, luxury.”

Biggest challenge as a finalist: “I’m launching three collections this week, with 40 meetings on top of this, a family reunion, and a wedding. Managing all my commitments and being sure to execute everything the way I like to has been the biggest challenge.”

Where he was when he got the news he’d been named a finalist: “I was driving to work and Steven Kolb called me and told me the good news. I pulled over by the beach, jumped into the water to surf, and then went on to work.”

How he’ll unwind after the presentation: “I’m going to a barbecue with friends in the city later on.”

Wes Gordon, Wes Gordon

Hometown: Atlanta
Lives in: NoHo, New York City

Wes Gordon in five words: “Elegant, slightly disheveled, fresh, timeless.”

Biggest challenge as a finalist: “It’s definitely been a mission of self-exploration. Answering the questions for the application is a fantastic exercise because it forces you to address questions that are both abstract and specific about your business, questions that you haven’t taken the time to answer before.”

Where he was when he got the news he’d been named a finalist: “I was in my office in the Financial District when Steven Kolb called. It was around lunchtime. I knew it was happening that day so I was getting a bit anxious. I kept checking the CFDA and Vogue on Twitter to see if there was any news.”

How he’ll unwind after the presentation: “I can’t unwind. I have the spring collection to focus on now. I’m going to go home, change out of my suit, and get back to work.”

For Vogues infamous August age issue Marion Cotillard has been chosen as the cover girl, this is her second vogue cover and quite the prestigious one! The last time she covered vogue was the july issue 2 years ago the july issue is usually young fresh faces such as emma watson or emma stone most recent cover girls of the july issue. Her caption then was "French Bombshell" now after two years "A woman in full" she's on the fabulous age issue recent cover girls of that would be Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow so she has come so far in just two years. She looks so beautiful on the cover with her make up,hair and wardrobe done much more conservative but in a good sort of way, she's wearing a fabulous velvet on trend jacket that looks smart,intelligent and sophisticated it really looks like "A woman in full" In her cover shoot we see many sides to this woman in full we see sex,power,talent,femininity,beauty,passion a perfect fit for this age issue! Stunning as ever marion is perfect for this vogue cover and im sure it is promoting her new film which has already tipped her for second oscar so get ready to see a lot more of marion this fab Vogue cover is just the begging, Marions Back and maybe better than eva :D My fav shot of the shoot is certainly her in the McQ dress looking heavenly beautiful and feminine! 
Emma Stone who has been stunning us with her outfits throughout her spider man 3 promotional world tour has landed her second vogue cover witch is back to back with her american vogue cover thats 2 vogues in a row! She looks absolutely stunning on this cover in relaxed cool sweater with cool rustic hat giving her such a sweet look! She certainly is the "new hollywood heroine" her mag covers and red carpet promotional looks have actually made me want to see this spider man film she's made it seem so unmissible so she is certainly doing her job right :D 
Emma stone is no longer the girl to watch she has arrived and is an intl superstar and cover to intl vogues really shows us this!
So ive already talked all bout this cover so read that here EMMA COVERS VOGUE!!!!!! but now i have the editorial shots and she looks so fab in them there is only 3 because its the july issue which is quite small everything is great and fab with the exception of one image which is the most out of place thing ive ever seen in vogue ummm in know for cover lets but her in blurry outdoor backdrop for the editorial white back drop with the exception of one fucked up shoot im so happy emmas got her vogue cover and the cover its self is amazing but the editorial may just be the worst cover story ive ever seen in vogue but love the other 2 images :D btw SPOILER ALERT!! 
To celebrate emmas fab vogue cover lets look back throughher style from the beginning of her career she's become quite the style icon!!!
Im quite new to american vogue  next july it will be my 3rd year anniversary that will be 36 amazing vogues each with there very own special shelf. If i there was a fire and i could only take a few personal belongings i would risk it all to save my vogues! I treat them with such fragility and respect there my little babies! I can look back through years of fashion and remember the times,the trends the girls the cover girls there fab if u have covered vogue in the last 3 years i really love because i have read your major cover stories :D I never remember my first it was a cloudy day i wash shopping and the rain just showered down with such a might i ran to the nearest shelter which was a book store i wandered around passing time for the rain to stop then i strolled over to the magazine's and there it was with that definitive gold stamp "AMERICAN EDITION" i recognized the cover and was totes shocked it was an american vogue and Marion Cotillard "French bombshell" was on the cover in a stunning nina ricci gown! I rushed to buy it then went for lunch over lunch i remember getting a first look at the infamous "Vogue" i'll never forget the first thing i saw it was a two page add for chanel pre-fall, the adds were fabulous just as much fun as the editorials but i wanted to savour it so put it down after i was finished with the adds for days after i was addicted to every page i could have smelled the free sample of perfume for hours it was gucci guilty so fab. I loved it i was addicted for life then i got issue after issue place after place then i got my 12 month subscription which i have had for 2 years, and know for my 3rd anniversary the girl i saw in that first issue under "up next" it said she was going to be a major star and this is one to watch and i did i saw easy A fell in love with her then she was in vogue as the "It girl" then she covered "teen vogue" i saw her at the globes ,oscars and met gala every time vogue saying she looked amazing and i kept screaming to myself WHEN IS THIS GIRL GETTING HER OWN VOGUE COVER!!!! and on my 3rd anniversary she has and as it was 3 years ago the cover girl is wearing nina ricci it totes warms my heart life is good with emma on the cover of vogue:D
Omg for the second time in vogues history a male is on the cover! Its all about the olympics with 3 sports personalities on the cover! The magazine is titled TEAM USA its gonna be a fab sporty and country strong! The cover story is titled country strong it features the Olympic team and karlie kloss in amazing shots, karlie looks amazing i love the contrast of her in those fab gowns and the sporty back drop! Its genius and will be a vogue i will treasure forever, HERE IS A LOOK AT THE COVER STORY(SPOILER ALERT)

Country strong

The met ball is TONIGHT!! and everyone wants to know whos going and what are they wearing. So here is a look at who will be attending with who it is traditional for designer to bring there model or celebrity muse such as ralph lauren/taylor swift or Marc Jacobs/Kate moss!

• Balmain’s Oliver Rousteing is taking Joan Smalls
• Anthony Vaccarello is taking Anja Rubik
• Erdem Moralioglu is taking Arizona Muse
• Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman are taking Karolina Kurkova

Michael Kors is taking Kate Upton,Jessica Alba,Hilary Swank and Liu Wen 

 Thakoon Panichgul is taking Christina Ricci
• Donna Karan  will be taking a cartoon as her date to the Met Ball: Cartoon supermodel Polly Bean 

 • Derek Lam is taking Katharina Harf

• Coco Rocha will be on the arm of hubby James Cochran

• Heidi Klum will wear a “very very lacy and very very see-through” Escada dress

• Alexander Wang is taking Azealia Banks, who will also perform.

• The Proenza Schouler boys are taking Isabel Lucas

• Joseph Altuzarra is taking Lana Del Rey.

• The vouge editors will all wear pink.