Last Night I was playing around on net-a-porter as I do once in a while but really I just scroll down the screen and say phrases and words like "omg major" "dye just dye!" "omg stella I love u!!!" "omg ure selling that dress! why is it not old out yet?" "OMG that sold out and that didnt???" you know just the usually stuff and sometimes I randomly style an outfit and thought why not blog a look a day, so I get to style a fab outfit and you the readers get to see something fab everyday even I m very quick in my styling so sometimes the outfits will prob totes not work but at the time I just think is fine! So this outfit really features on Erdem florals, the top is erdem and the colors are very fab and totally work with the navy pants and accessories. The shoe is Nicholas Krikwood for erdem and is the perfect shoe for that top and really I totes dye for this shoe ever since I saw it on the erdem runway last February! The outfit is really a fab bright and professional work look or a fab brunch/lunch outfit! If anyone reads my blog with dosnt seem plausible then comment on todays LOOK OF THE DAY I really do like feed back negative or positive!

Total Cost - £27,685

For many years Ysl brightened the couture calender with there fantastic shows that wear the epitome of chic,style and couture. Ysl's DNA is made of couture and now the fresh new controversial face that is taking to the helms of the house is thinking of bringing ysl back to the couture calender, that decision could only be met with open arms unlike other changes he has made that have split many people! In a interview for the august issue of french vogue Slimane says "Haute couture is a legitimate subject for ysl and could resume one day" exciting, YES though he also mentions "The priority today is to revamp and redeploy the luxury ready wear" so we would have to wait a few seasons to come and i dont believe at this moment Slimane is even qualified for couture because he has never even designed womenswear before so he could burn up in flames before he gets the chance to revamp the haute couture department of the company! But we love to gossip and speculate fashion feeds on it so you never know how close couture may be in the future of the company and we can all be there to over react over one quote and speculate all day long :D           
OMG YVES SAINT LAURENT IS DEAD! not the actually designer well he is dead but like 4 years ago #oldnews the name yves saint laurent is gone the new boy heidi slimine or wat ever the fuck his name is is changing the name to sain laurent its part of his new vision for the company which i find very cool,chic and refreshing though quite disrespectful to the iconic house that is know international as YvesSaintLaurent its a disrespect to the designer and to the iconic history though lets face it we all shorted in to saint laurent "oh shes wearing saint laurent" how fab was "saint laurents spring collection" Its what we in fashion do like dior instead of christian dior or wang instead of alexander wang im going to keep listing it cause its fun ,parbel instead of parbel gurung, schouler instead or proenza schouler,mcqueen instead of alexander mcqeen,louboutin instead of Christian louboutin,oh this is one i use most dolche instead of dolche and gabbana theres lots more but the fun is over so yea next season we will be all saying saint laurent and maybe giggling then bye next year calling in laurent! just realized will have to change the category from ysl to saint laurent cause no one would no wat sl means also we call yves saint laurent ysl a lot can we do that anymore?? #NewFashionDictonaryPlease 
"OMG Moment" is a new daily blog post were i blog about things from the day i went OMG, So tell me if you like "OMG Moment"

OMG i'm going to the met gala red carpet 

Yes its true I'm going to the met gala red carpet and so are you because this year the exclusive and most fab event eva known to fashionistas as "the fashion oscars"  due to its most amazing red carpet who feature Stars of film,fashion,music and society pretty much STARS STARS STARS and no d listers get invited because anna wintour hand picks the very fabulous and very exclusive guest list to THE SOCIAL EVENT OF THE SEASON and now i'm very pleased to say that on may 7th we can be on that red carpet watching the Stars of all Stars walk the red carpet in major gowns. So i was like OMG i can watch the met gala live thats TOTES FAB!!! wat do you think are you having a OMG moment right now???

OMG i love these pants!

So i was looking at the editors picks on net-a-porter and i saw these major Ysl pants and i was like OMG there totes fab there bohemian,easy to wear,so so  so chic in that ysl Moroccan 60s paris way its just so omg but thats just me what do you think?

OMG i love kate!

So Kate middleton wore this fab blue which is so classic royal #royalBlue which is Rebecca taylor which will be like huge for becks because she isn't that big but now Kate's wearing her so becks gonna get a lot of calls in the next 24 hours, so i was like omg i love kate because we dont see her everyday but we like want to and i saw her yesterday and then again today and i was like OMG i love kate because i just like light up when i see her because shes kate and its only 3 DAYS to her 1 year anniversary thats so sweet i will never forget that day that burton gown the regal fabulousness of that whole wedding was unforgettable, to Finnish i like love kate! Do you?

OMG i hate it your at a chanel event!!!

So i was getting my images for my chanel tribeca dinner post today and i saw this image of Aaron Young wearing this hideous ensemble no.1 its denim on denim! no.2 he is looking a bit to much like wolverine with that hair and beard no.3 your at a chanel event did you ever think for a moment to be a little STYLISH! so i was like OMG hells to the no because its a party hosted by chanel and its for the tribeca film fest SO CHIC and your there in that and im not but yet im FAB! Do you hate it?
Today is offical the first day of spring so lets review the essential spring wardrobe whats on trend and some perfect pieces the designers have shown this season we will all love and dye to have

The essential outerwear coat!

Spring is a season of sunshine and fabulous weather but also it is the season for RAIN so a fabulous outerwear coat is essential but it must be bright and fun and not to dark because its spring!! this burberry print trench is a perfect example its a great coat thats practical but its also cool stylish and has a fun spring print!!!

The pleat skirt!

A major trend for spring is pleats there feminine pretty and give fun movement to looks a great way to pull of pleats this spring is the pleat skirt, long short, or even a christopher kane mullet skirt short in front long in back these all work and are fabulous. This halston heritage maxi pleat is very wearable and a perfect pleat for spring it could be worn with a sweater and cool necklace with hat or nicely made up hair

The floral print dress

ERDEM £535
Nearly every spring the floral print is huge this season is no different and a pretty floral dress is the perfect way to show off the amazing feminine florals the designers have to offer this spring. This Erdem dress is a fabulous example and a perfect pretty feminine  floral dress perfect for any brunch or classy garden party!

The pastel sweater 

The most major and essential trend for spring is PASTELS so lets start with an essential sweater that is youthful pretty feminine and is casual and pretty. This see by Chloe sweater is a beautiful example and can casually be worn with pleat skirt or a simple pair of jeans!

The pastel dress!

The pastels trend is one of the hottest style stories of the season, so Jil Sander's lilac  dress is a wise investment. I love the clean silhouette of this piece, which perfectly showcases the brand's chic 50s look and  the  minimalist aesthetic.

The pastel pant

PREEN £825
The pastel pant is perfect and essential for spring because it is soft and powerful and makes for great modern day minimalist work clothes with such a sweet edge. This yellow preens are prefect because of there relaxed tailoring and fabulous minimalist and sweet yellow color 

The pastel accessory 

Is the perfect finishing touch to your fabulous pastel look it could be a sweet pair of pink pumps or fabulous blue bag as shown above whatever it is it is essential to complete the on trend pastel look!

The lace dress

MIU MIU £1,370
The lace dress is a must have item no matter what the season it is the perfect classic feminine evening look and this red miu miu is a pretty example of the lace dress


YSL £455
Spring is a season of separates with shorts in all guises taking center stage.These stand out ysls are perfect for the spring season but the trend this spring is  short and blazer so these shorts need a fab friend 

The blue dress

DKNY £280
This season we were presented with a lot of fabulous blue tones and the blue dress is essential for spring. THis dkny is great because its care free so simple and is a fab tone of blue

The statement earring 

This is essential this season because it will give your look an added punch and make a huge statement has also been all over the runways especially at marni having the most acclaimed statement earrings this spring

The 20s flapper dress

GUCCI £3,600
20s made a major comeback on the spring catwalks this year showing everything "all that jazz" and the flapper dress is now the essential party dress this season already being supported by the celebs! This gold fringe gucci dress is a more modern version of the flapper dress but you still get that flapper vibe from this dress

The ethnic Poncho

Designers have been looking to the exotic and ethnic  destinations this spring and the cool nomad poncho is an essential way to channel Haiti,Africa,india or bali.This tory burch is great example has it has ethnic colors and nomad like fringe

The mixed up bag

Mixed media bags make an impact of every outfit with contrasting textures and rich embellishments adding instant drama making it so essential for this spring. This bottega veneta is perfect example as its python mixed with fur creating fun dramatic mixed media bag!

The tropical print dress

From graphic Hawaiian florals at Altuzarra to Peter Pilotto's hothouse stems, kaleidoscopic prints reign supreme.And this mary k colorful print tropical underwater dress is a great essential tropical print dress for this spring!

The super wedge

Meet the new brand of super wedges: they're attention-grabbing and totally on trend.

Look of the day                        

The look of the day today is a very strong and chic yves saint laurent look fresh from the paris fashion week catwalks. The collection was very strong and tailored and is quite the popular trend this season. . This look is very structured and tailored with sleek coat and fabulously tailored white clean sharp pants. Then with golden satin pumps. The coat is belted also another trend this season which draws attention the womanly figure. The finishing touches of this outfit were the fabulous gold leaf necklace and fabulous dark and sexy lips with sleek ponytail the second we have seen in look of this week reinforcing the trends of this season. So if you want to look sleek,powerful,sexy and chic this look of the day is exactly that 

Look of the moment        

I am in love with this look what looks better than miranda ker casual walking down the cool streets of new york with fab marni print coat and denim jeans with cool shades and the cutest dog frankie!!! I love that its tailored meets casual worn with the perfect accessories'. Its a  great care free casual look which has a young city girl vibe excecuted perfectly by sup
This season ysl went for a very strong and chic image which was classic stefano. It was stefano's final collection for ysl and it was not a sad affair but one of joy the collection may of been dark but it certainly was a very high moment for stefano. The women were so chic and strong in impecabley tailored clothes. The collection was mostly black,tailored,strong chic and pant based. There were a lot of fabulous pants but there were also some of the favourite dresses i have seen this season those silver mesh dresses which were suer sexy and glamourous that were highlights of the collection. This collection was another trendy show it had what most collections had this season tailoring and strong powerful looks but this collection was so much more CHIC!!!  Everything was chic any women who would simple wear anything from this collection would look chic instantly instant chic!!! stefano will be missed at the house but he has left a great legacy behind him and has made the classic ysl women modern and stronger