Pheobe and me must have the same fetish? That fetish would of course be PANTS every look in this collection was styled with a long,sheer,tailored,elephant or short pant!! Lets start with the minimalist crisp white pants that were very long and just covered the shoe! They are a perfectly stylish blank canvas for you to bring to life with bold and colorful accessories, that statement jacket or even interesting tunic! Just like the statement blue leather leopard coat making major statement on the white cool minimalist blank canvas!!!
 The collection was a tiny delight with only 17 looks much like fall but the collection still conveyed cool minimalism thats very chic and popular! It was all about being cool in that chic french way which pheobe really gets across in a great fashion! Lots of cool whites, bold leopards and solids and not to mention Polka dots so cool!! The commercial cool chic pants,jackets and my fav accessories those clean minimalist leather celine clutches i simply die, ive been dying for everything celine since spring 2010 pheobe philos first collection for label! So really there is no wrong she can do in my eyes and i love it all especially her pants :D 
6/16/2012 01:41:35 am

"pants fetish" lol

CAT <3
6/16/2012 01:42:08 am

Love celine and pants fetish is cool ;D


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