Where to start on this much anticipated 71 look chanel cruise collection??? Lets start with the show the spectacle that is chanel! The show was held at the palace versailles and it was an elegant and chic affair with the string quartet regal fountains and a selection of the finest orderves and french pastries then the show started and there was an intolerable contrast with Mia's "bad girls" playing along with "that g string track" it was cool fresh and amazingly chic! The grounds made for the prefect backdrop for these fabulous fashions! I think the collection was in a sentence "21st century teenage marie antoinette!" The collection had all the opulent i regal flourishes from the ruffles to the encrusted jeweled looks and also all of those couture details that was totes marie antoinette but there was also a 21st century girl that karl has cleverly created. This modern day teenage princess was rock n roll and rebellious she as a modern street style shoe which i just simply adore its so fab!!!! The metallic funky style shoes creates a young fresh look but i just love how it contrasts with the regal chanel look its styled with!!! The looks had a baroque feel and had such beutiful soft pastel tones which were beautiful to look at! The collection had fabulous pieces that could be very commercial such as all of the fab tweed jackets,the swimsuits and some of the dresses could work really well as work clothes. The collection brightened up an even brighter day and i apologize if this review is complete shit which it is but im a little rusty its been 8 weeks since i've done a show report my last chanel report was over 500 words this garbage is only around 300 but dont you really just love these looks chanel can do no wrong in my eyes and this collection is a prefect reason for why i love chanel its just hard to put into words which is bad for me because thats what im supposed to be doing!

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