We all know what to expect at a DKNY resort collection cute,girly,commercial new york girl clothes perfect for that young intern at marie clarie mag ;) This resort collection was not much different the show started with great work black looks my favorite was a lace jacket and skirt with a cute print blouse. There was a lot of work clothes for that PLAIN girl she isn't rocking that mcqueen jacket she's wearing a dull black blazer or plain purple dress with a little black that kind of annoyed me everything in this collection was been there done that lets try something new! I found the furs more fun and eccentric because its resort this girl just wants to wear that fur bitch, how fab! The party looks were nothing new but cute very blake lively 2008 WHEN THAT LOOK WAS IN! But looking at these looks its not totes cringe ehh its cute but boring but its resort! But chanel,bottega and erdem were all fab whats your excuse DKNY?? But love this line and its girl but can this girl be a little more exciting during resort season! BTW not totes dissing this collection, well maybe i am but i dont think its ugly it kind of works but " commercial boredom" is my caption for this collection! What did you think???

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