The setting for dolche was lavish and had an eccentric quality fabulous rose covered chandelier and other decedent features. Pre show there was operera playing giving us a hint of something quite theatrical also quite lavish seeing it is the divine opera. The dolche and gabbana fall show was all this a fabulous and again LAVISH 73 look collection the largest this fashion season so far i may add! The show opened with fabulous and very dolche black and gold dresses in lace and sheer also fabulously decedent capes prefect for a night at the opera. There was a lot of lace,sheer,velevet, brocade and embrodery all what is expected of a dolche and gabbana collection. The girls wore beautiful head pieces (i thought blair waldrofs dream!!!) also classic black dolche pumps and black sheer socks were all apart of the early more simple accessories and of course they were classic dolche as was most of this collection. After the black and golds came the more feminine white and gold which was so graceful and had a sweet romantic feel. More and more classic dolche silohetes and pieces graced down the runway but i really loved what was new this season the capes,the embroderies and fabulous silk charmeuse white glossy dresses with textural floral detail very chic very feminine and very pretty!!!! Last season the collection concluded with fabulous jeweled looks this season there was a little embellishment but a lot of fabulous,feminine and italian floral prints it was like grandma had knitted them herself! There was also a less granny chic floral print but a beautiful renaissance art floral print also with small cupids this floral was very vivid and pretty. The collection finally concluded with chic and very italian black looks and gold embellished dresses really so beautiful so dolche so lavish and so MAJOR!!! Really another major very classic dolche lavish collection!!!  


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