The first three looks of the emilio pucci show came at a fierce speed all little black dresses with seductive sheer slips cute the opening image the black which is dark and seductive, the sheer which is sexy and seductive, and the firce slips which is dark sexy and seductive all these factors are very popular everywhere this fall and now the bright printalicous pucci is experiencing  the darker side of sexy!! The collection had a mix of the dark and of the light there were fabulous light blues in prints and solids, also i very feminine nude was very light and was very major in this collection but so was black, green and purple. The women as always was sexy and glamourous there was al ot of sex in the sheer cut outs and a lot of glamour ing the fabulous evening pieces. Tailoring was present her peter showed glamourous and sexy mens tuxedo jackets and cropped pants all very cute. This collection showed great evening great outerwear and fabulous ready wear all round fabulous collection!!!!


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