Last season erdem became a great success thanks to its spring collection suddenly everyone was wearing and talking about erdem!!!! This season i don't think topped last season wonderful performance but it was still a satisfactory and pleasing collection. For such a young designer to be a great successes at showing very classy and regal looks which are oh so elegant and graceful. This collection again was all about the very pretty and feminine florals and lace!!!! The prints this time were more vivid and exciting!!!! The show opened with a dark purple and black dress and closed with the only gown which was a dark blue lace and floral gown with a 50s feel, this is all very deferent from last season delicate yellows,whites nudes and light blues!!!! The designer stayed true to the brands ladylike DNA but this season it was edger if erdem could be edgy it was ladylike like edge!!!! To sum up PRETTY PRINTS!!!!!


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