(sorry this post is so late there were technical issues) Giorgio armani's fall collection was all about easy chic with was shown with will executed seemingly easy to wear master tailored mens 30s style suites, we have also seen this at donna karen but this collection was much more easy and accessible. It was all about the pants or very well tailored and really cute shorts, the whole look revolved round the pants and also a very cool and savvy mens flat black leather shoe some even with a little girly pink sparkle, these looks were styled with fabulous blazers or softening pinks and corals. These looks are made so easy to wear and were great "work clothes" The collection was separated into several sections the first mens 30s tailored looks,next sunset tones with more fun colors such as pink and tangerine,next was the glamorous evening looks that were fabulous glossy shimmering jackets or coats or fun party dresses perfect for the classic armani customer then there was the big Finnish a sequence black glamorous dress that had a lot if accessories (hat,necklaces....) very much the show stopper. I was sad there were not more gowns but the collection was all about those fabulously wearable pants or fabulous mens flats and evening structured silk pretty pieces all great armani pieces for next fall!!!!

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