Gucci opened milan fashion week with an amazing collection which was quite dark and very intriguing!!! The collection had bohemian and romantic silhouettes which were so dramatic!!! Velvet was a major aspect of this collection also was dark tones and long flowing silhouettes. The floral velvet print dresses in black and maroon were very cute and very sexy. The gucci women in this collection may have been wearing covered up looks but was still very sexy and desirable!!!! There were divine florals yellow and blue that were vivid and gave the looks more depth. The only real color in this collection was in the vivid green velevet dress that gleamed with beuty and glamour also did the amazing feather pieces they were very glossy and shiny and quite alluring!!! The final flowing black gowns i found to be enchanting forest women that were free,beutiful and very powerful and sexy!!!! These gowns were so major the flowed so beutifully and there small sequnce embrodered details light up the cat walk!!!! This collection was so major everything was simple amazing the velevt, floral everday looks which had a bohemian edge to the sexy and glamours sheer,sequnce,feather and fabulous moving evening looks. I still just need a moment to process one of my favourate gucci collections 


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