Jonathan Saunders has become one of the major london highlights for me! For the past year I have been dying for everything he has done and in my eyes he is one of the top 5 designers I see in london and this collection lived up to this! Firstly it was a lot of this seasons trends and the collection looked like Jonathan went to nyfw took a few designers samples and made his collection in 3 days! That may be a bad example becuase it makes it seem like it was made in 3 days and that he isn't original so I take that back! Basically it has all of the trends we saw incorporated into it Stripes,metallics,sex,sportswear,minimalism,sheer etc! It was like spring 2013 nyfw done Jonathan's style and also lfw style! This really tells us everything we saw in new york has come to london because just about every look in london so far has feature one or many things that were shown in new york! It was like falls cray extravagant embellishments and embroideries and luxe fabs etc, this spring 2013 seems to be fall 2012's left overs. Sounds very faux pax butments and embroideries and luxe fabs etc, this spring 2013 seems to be fall 2012's left overs. Sounds very faux pax but its not its just a more relaxed easy spring season I dont think in 10 years time people will be saying omg that Spring 2013 collection was the most fab ive seen of this person! I think were taking a break this season and I really enjoyed Jonathan's take on are fashion break as he made it look cool and in genius which I loved to see even if ive been saturated with these looks all fashion season every time I see them I still say DIE out loud because its not like I dont love them im just a little......TIRED OF THEM!!!!! Though still am in love with it all! So happy to see metallics here I smiled when the first nude and metallic silver skirt came down the runway because from day one I forecasted METALLICS WILL BE TREND and it seems like its starting to become quite accurate and taking real shape here in london so I couldn't be happier! Most looks her were to solids so created sharp cool look which you may not be able to see as you would have to see the look back to front to get full effect! But it was vivid and a enjoyable statement! Sports wear sex and sports wear were combined in this collection to make a powerful effortless sexy girl, through the usually, midriffs and peek a boos really this stuff is all so normal to us all by now! Loved also the infusion of glamour and sport the final sequence looks were major die moments as I do love to see a cute tennis dress shimmer or fab skirt be given a new forceful movement due to all that sequence weighing it down! So overall its what we have been seeing all season done in an original way which is what everyone is also doing! Im sure next season there will be no shortage of ANYTHING because so much of the same stuff but isnt that fashion! Even though in all my fashion seasons (5) ive never seen so much trends or REPETITION on the runway like this before milan and paris will change it up and change up is what we need im sick of leftovers and I WANT SOMETHING FRESH!

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